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Copenhagen foreshadow

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I think I chose the wrong profession.

And easier one would have been a con artist. It is clear from the global warming scam that the public is so absolutely gullible.

There seems to be a surplus of Luddites (the unibomber was an extreme example) around the world who don't like people enjoying modern conveniences. I think they do not realize that they will starve to death without having energy to drive the industrial age, of which high yield farming is part. The bulk of our energy is carbon based, so thwarting our ability to use that, or even making it more expensive to use it, is going to result in a significant number of deaths. But I don't notice that people like Al Gore, who are championing the destruction of the industrial age through things like Cap and Trade, are participating in energy self denial.

Already, taking some corn out of the food supply to manufacture biofuel has been of service to the grim reaper, and Copenhagen, if it plays out like Obama and his pals want, will ratchet up the coffin manufacture business considerably.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

"going to result in a significant number of deaths"

I'm sure there are those who do realize that. It might even be one of the goals of this scam. After all, there are very influential and powerful people in the world calling for drastic reduction of the world's population by as much as 90% or more.



I Bet...

... everyone drove to the event in their big SUV's; parked them in a big multi story car park; cycled for 10 minutes to assuage their guilt at warming up the world's climate (Ha!); then got back into their SUV's; filled up with premium gasoline at the local "big oil" pit stop; then went to McDonalds to order a double cheeseburger and fries and gallon of coke, to replace all the energy they lost participating in this useless exercise.

Total energy saved on behalf of Mother Earth = 0 kilojoules, microwatts or whatever it is they measure energy by in Cop-en-ho-ho-ho-gen :-)

Nice visual

Too funny

Isn't all that huffing and puffing from those bicyclers...

...putting out a bunch of CO2? Eek!

self bump

i feel so dirty