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Las Vegas I.R.S. Tea Party '07 and PAUL-a-Palooza

Ron Paul Freedom Rally and March Plus a Boston Tea Party
Reenactment in Front of the IRS Building. Also Featuring PAUL-a-Palooza


more details to follow...

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Any updates regarding this

Any updates regarding this tea party and PAUL-aPalooza? Searched the net for it but can't seem to find one.

Linda Costner fresh from my Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas

Have fun and good luck.

Have fun and good luck.

Drain the swamp!

Paint the Town Ron With Us!

We'll be painting the town Ron Friday night and can always use help! Email us at lasvegasteaparty07@gmail.com!

Coming from Cali

I can't wait! My boyfriend and I are driving in from Cali for this weekend!


i felt like there might be several fols from SC driving out, we wanted to get a RON-VOY going, but doesn't look like it. When are you cats headed out?

Treasure Island

Should we climb on the TI boat and dump tea in the water?

Hey but seriously, what are people doing before 3pm that day? I'll be in town and looking to party, is there a morning place to start hanging out or what!?

Hey WiseGuy

Email us at: lasvegasteaparty07@gmail.com

We'll keep you updated...if you are interested, we could always use extra volunteers. We're glad you are coming -- people are already talking about after after 'after parties' -- That's the great thing about Vegas = 24 hours a day

Other weekend activities?

Are you guys doing anything else this weekend besides the tea party? I'll be there around 8pm tomorrow night and I'll help with anything!

We Made the Las Vegas Paper!

The Las Vegas Tea Party was mentioned today in the Las Vegas Review Journal:


Link to the Tea Party in all your comments


I've been linking to the Las Vegas Tea Party in the comments section of various news stories about Ron Paul. I hope you are doing the same. Let's make this a day to remember. Here is the Rolling Stones article;


Im flying back to vegas for this

Im flying back to vegas this week so i can attend the IRS teaparty, gonna be good times.

It's going to be huge!

Check out this video of how many people came to the Las Vegas rally last month:

There is an amazing shot at 2 min 4 sec in of the crowd during the Star-Spangled Banner

And check out 3 min 20 sec in. Amazing!

The Las Vegas Tea Party is going to be great!

Please Digg

O.K. We've got a Digg.com link. Everyone please Digg:


Southern Cali to Vegas

I will probably be heading out Friday afternoon, anyone else? Lets get a caravan with cars and stickers and signs and banners for Ron Paul!

Coming from NorCal

...or else we could caravan. Anyone else coming from the bay area? We're leaving around noon tomorrow...

That would be awesome!

A 250 mile Ron Paul car rally = awesome!. And you guys will get to drive by those huge Paul interstate signs in the desert. Here is a video of them:


If you get a good caravan going, try to stop and take pics with the signs.


Las Vegas Tea Party site just updated to include PAUL-a-Palooza.


What are you doing next Sunday?


Come One, Come All to the '07 Las Vegas Ron Paul Freedom Rally and Tea Party.

Do you really need an excuse to come to Vegas?

Even the occasionally maligned but indefatigably committed Mr. Smith is rumored to be making an appearance!


Next Sunday-Santa Monica Pier Tea Party

....that's where I'll be! E. Edward Griffin, Author of "The Creature From Jekyl Island" will be featured speaker

"Ron Paul Santa Monica Tea Party (a re-enactment of the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773) which will be held at the Santa Monica Pier (California) on Sunday, December 16. Participants will assemble at 1 PM at the 3rd Street Promenade and walk to the Pier. Ceremonies at the Pier will commence at about 2 PM.

Here is the announcement sent out by the event organizers, Kathy Ornstein and Stephen Vincent:

Great news! G. Edward Griffin, one of the founding fathers of the freedom movement in America, has agreed to open our Santa Monica Tea Party ceremony with an opening statement! For those of you unfamiliar with him, he introduced Ron Paul at the USC rally in September and is perhaps best known as the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, which is a classic on the Federal Reserve System.

This could end up being a pretty big event. People are coming from San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Riverside! The vibes feel strong. Many other cities are now following suit and planning their own Tea Parties. Among them are Sacramento, San Francisco, Nashville, and of course the biggie: Boston. They have rented Fanueil Hall and Rand Paul will speak while the Ron Paul Blimp will be parked overhead!"


Geez fonta, you crash our

Geez fonta, you crash our thread and don't even mention the Las Vegas Tea Party in your post? (-;

No problem, best wishes to Santa Monica. G. Edward Griffin is an awesome guest speaker.

But if any Californians happen to be headed eastbound on I-15 next weekend, don't miss the 3:00 Fremont Street party.


Las Vegas TeaParty Will Have

....the best weather in the country probably . And, if I lived any place close I'd go.

Are we okay now, NeoRon? Actually, crashing a thread is not nice...so everybody talk here about Vegas. Sorry, didn't think.

Las Vegas Teaparty sounds great and the weather is always great in Vegas!


If you have knocked on all

If you have knocked on all the doors in your precinct, then helped two or three others do the same, then tell me I'm killing your enthusiasm. If you haven't, then I truly don't know what to tell you. In fact, I do know at least one person who is participating who has done that, and God bless him. I'll donate tea bags for him and shake his hand.

Everyone needs to do what they think is important in this campaign. And I don't have to agree with what they do.

Thank you for trashing me here. I answered your emails and we simply disagree. I posted my honest opinion on a meetup board, then removed it because it was upsetting you and some others. Do I deserve a trashing like this? Make a lot of new delegates with your protest and I'll say yes. A.K.


Way to go Las Vegas! You guys are hard core r3VOLutionaries! What if you guys do voter registration and delegate solicitation at the rally? That would be a great way to capitalize on the event!

We're doing that too...

That's already in the works Cakiwi. And the best part is that the voter registration office is right down the street from the event. Very convenient for all the casino workers we're going to recruit with the don't tax tips literature!


Dr. King Jr's birthday.

I would imagine that we're going to have some kind of fund raising like Teaparty07 in January on Dr. king's birthday. I am hoping that when they do, maybe someone can organize to march in across the nation on that day to protest.

Out of Towners

There is word of people coming for this from all over. That's the good thing about Vegas. You can use your comps! :)

Very nice. Wish I'd known sooner.

This one is worth flying in for. Wait, I still have quite a few comps available....