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FED - One Chart Summarizes the Next Problem

There is a single chart in this article...


It gives a good update on what the Fed is doing on its ASSET side of the balance sheet.

We all know where the economy is already but this graph gives an update to confirm your worst fears.

The articles point is that all that Mortgage based debt is worthless so having 1 trillion dollars of bad assets on the books is the same as printing an extra 1 trillion dollars - The bad quality of the Feds assets brings down the dollars value the same way printing too many of them does.

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Thanks, I was just thinking we need a

thread with charts, people like to see visuals to make a point. Excellent, charts and the one below. I hope this thread becomes a thread with lots of charts. bookmarked and bumped.

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While on this site,

I checked out another page. See the Jobless recovery!

What is happening?

One year ago mortgage-backed securities were only 0.6% of the Federal Reserve’s total assets. Now it's 45.6 ?
Is there some sort of game plan here?