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WAC-OK activist assaulted and arrested for videotaping.

We Are Change Oklahoma activist assaulted and arrested for videotaping.
“Because I was videotaping their actions they brutally attacked me, filed false charges against me and tampered with evidence,” Lane said, adding that he was going to fight the charges.

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Another freedom fighter arrested

Written by Kelly Owens:

Activist Gustavo Rendon was just arrested for placing flyers regarding an eminent domain issue on cars parked on the public street. The arresting officer told him to take the flyers off the cars, Gustavo refused and was arrested. There were many witnesses to this event, including his wife, fellow church members and fellow activists that were collecting signatures regarding this issue at the time.

I called my city police station to find out if it is against the law to place flyers on a car and was told only if it was on a private property lot ie Walgreens or there was a sign nearby that said no soliciting.

More on the story here, about halfway down the page: http://donttreadoncat.com/

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(