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Ancient Mayan Elders...

I read on here somewhere about how the Ancient Mayan Elders, due to their deep understanding of astronomy, were able to predict eclipses, and would use this info to trick the peasants into handing over all their personal belongings to appease the gods.

Problem is I don't know how accurate this is, was it the mayans? what would they tell the peasants? is pesants even a logical name for the poorer, common mayan folks? I would like to use this line of thinking/analogy to warn about the motivations of people pushing for cap and trade legeslations, but want to make sure I have it right. Anyone here able to elaborate or validate?

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Just saw 2012...I couldn't stop laughing at all the NWO messages

Tons of NWO messages wrapped in liberal messages.

The only good parts were the action.

"never waste a good crisis"

"never waste a good crisis" is the saying now.I wonder if all empires eventually use this tacktic.Find out what scares people and use it against them.Fear is the #1 sells pitch.

Knowledge has always been power

The Mayans were completely driven to understand celestial repetition.
Eclipses, Venus' location, Mars retrograde (when it appeared to change direction in the sky).
The Spanish conquerors destroyed so many of their texts, that we'll never completely understand their fascination. Pretty sad.
Check out this page.

Their science seemed to be their religion. Or at least it played a major part in the way they lived their lives. It was if the heavens controlled them.

I think your analogy has merit. There are many people willing to hand over their hard-earned money, based on "science".

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Yes, exactly.

I spent a month in the rainforest in Belize excavating a site, Ma'ax Na. It means monkey house. Anyway, the sky at night is quite different from ours in that you can actually see the stars. They don't have the light pollution that we do, so each star stands out.

Their cosmology is based around the movement of the Milky Way. The Milky Way, when you are that close to the equator, is right overhead and with the clarity of the skies there you can see it vividly as a white ribbon across the sky. The ribbon is not smooth on the edges as you can imagine, but rather has a bumpy appearance . .. ummm . . . kind of like if you took a ribbon and just chopped out bits along the edges on both sides. But its nonetheless a clear and distinct feature of their skies.

The Milky Way itself moves through the sky as the night progresses, beginning in Orion, the hearth of creation. The chopped out bits, like making cloud pictures, resembled Gods and their attendants, to the Maya people.

"These roads are sometimes imagined as canoe routes. About three hours after midnight, Linda Schele identifies the visible portion of the Milky Way with the cosmic canoe, illustrated in Classic Maya art, that conveys the maize god through the Underworld to the place where he will be resurrected, the hearth of Creation in Orion. Here the sky of the new era will be raised. Later, as the Milky Way begins to turns upright again, the canoe appears to sink."

I had the good fortune of having the opportunity to witness the God's journey when I was in Belize, sitting in the rainforest listening to jaguars and howler monkeys, and getting soaked by the daily downpours. LOL Good times.

This is a great site to learn more. http://www.authenticmaya.com/maya_cosmology.htm The info seems to be correct. Have fun!

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(


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And thanks thundercloud, that is what I was trying to gather info to fight against.

It's completely relevent

Controlling a population with supposed higher knowledge is a pretty old profession.

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

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hey, thundercloud...

who died and left black ops king?
let me rephrase that, who did black ops kill to become king?

this post is entirely relevant to the complete understanding, rebirth, and awakening of a liberty movement...

black ops seem to be ignorant of this fact, i question his motives

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You put Maya in your post

You put Maya in your post and I'll always come running. LOL :)

My degree is in archeology and my area of interest is MesoAmerica, specifically Maya culture.

Yes, their calender is so accurate that they were able to predict all celestial events. In fact, their calender is more accurate than even ours today. The Maya people, however, were never tricked into worshipping their Gods. They were a fervently religious people who tried to live by the rules of their religion.

The Maya weren't tricked into giving away their goods, but they did believe that the Gods covered the Moon or the Sun as warnings to the people to not stray from their faith. They were perceived to be very bad omens when an eclipse happened, regardless of whether they could be predicted, since they relied heavily on the cycles of nature for their subsistence. They were seen as a way of the Gods reminding them of their power over them, not a good thing.

Because an eclipse of any sort was always bad news, they would do whatever they could to appease their Gods, up to and including human sacrifice. They believed that to be sacrificed to their Gods was an honor and it gave you a place in Xibalba with the Gods in the afterlife. Worldly goods for the Gods were not enough in some contexts, they believed, so they chose to offer the most precious gift they had been given, life.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

yeah BUT !

.The elders and priests got a free meal now and then?
Do you agree ?

"The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be made to understand it. "

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for clarifying. I thought I had read it on here somewhere, but it must have just been gobledegook.