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Pullout from Afghanistan to begin in July, 2011!

The announcement of a scheduled troop pullout on the same day as an announcement of a 30,000 troop increase? Note this is the BEGINNING of a pullout. This pullout date should help us to better accept sending 30,000 more troops over there. He did say that he had an exit strategy. I guess this is it! I hope that the Taliban does not read the NY Times.

Published: December 1, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Obama plans to announce Tuesday night that he will begin to transition American forces out of Afghanistan beginning in July 2011, setting the first time frame to wind down the war there nearly a decade after the United States first sent troops in to topple the Taliban government, senior administration officials said.

Mr. Obama will set the drawdown goal even as he orders another 30,000 troops to deploy to Afghanistan over the next six months in an effort to reverse the momentum of Taliban insurgents fighting to regain control of the country. By expediting the flow of reinforcements, officials said Mr. Obama hopes to create urgency for the government in Kabul to match the American surge with one using its own forces.

In bringing the total American force to nearly 100,000 troops by the end of May, the administration will move far faster than it had originally planned. Until recently, discussions focused on a deployment that would take a year, but Mr. Obama concluded that the situation required “more, sooner,” as one official said, explaining some of the central conclusions Mr. Obama reached at the end of a nearly three-month review of American war strategy.

The officials insisted on anonymity... (INDEED)



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Better get a heavy duty metal Umbrella

Pigs will be flying before Obama pulls out troops, unless USA goes bankrupt. Watch out for those pig droppings

Just a note that

the NPR coverage of this was appalling. They had some "expert" who assured everyone that the Europeans were still behind Barry because he wasn't GWB and they understood that Afghanistan was totally different from Iraq. Then Mora Liarson went on to tell how Obama is doing a great job politically on the domestic front and this troop surge (though unpopular with the "extreme left wing of the Democratic party) will be no problem, as long as things "go well on the ground." This coming right after an excerpt (which was perhaps the most appalling of all in which Gates responded to the question, what are you going to do, if the pull-out date comes up, and you are bogged down without the objectives being accomplished? His answer: That's not going to happen. I was screaming in my car again.

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"That's not going to happen!"

The MSM will ensure good news on the 'telescreen.'

"that's not going to happen"

George Stephanopolis

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

Got some ocean-front property in Arizona.

From my front porch you can see the sea.
Got some ocean-front property in Arizona.
If you buy that I'll throw the golden gate in free.

Songwriters: Dillon, Dean;Cochran, Hank;Porter, Royce

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Sickening: MSM has already buried 30k more troops story!!!

This really makes me sick.


All Pullouts

are bullshit.

"I promise to pull out, baby!"

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That is what Kennedy's nephew said, too!

However, I don't know about any other Kennedys.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm banging my head against my monitor--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The date July 2011 is something the Democrat Left Wing

can hang their hat on, something to maintain their support. He can start in July 2011 to be completed whenever. It's all BS to fool people. It buys time. Remember G W Bush and his Iraq Study Group? That bought him time.

the top 10 private war contractors should have to pay for this

esculation, with a severe war tax.

I'd get behind any politican that champions this.

they would

just charge more

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com



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troops out, contractors in?


Baldfaced Sweet Lies for Sheeple

Obama: "I will promise you this . . ."

Trial balloons put up last week tested and tested the public until they hit on the theme that is music to ears of the American Sheeple. . .E X I T, quit, get out, end the war.

Immediately Obama re-wrote his speech to this tune. Expand WAR, double US occupation of Afghanistan, and tell the sheeple this is EXIT.

Overwhelming, in-your-face, 'the sky is black and black is white',
Straight-faced, Obama says massive W A R expansion is EXIT.

Obama's ever-compliant and stupifyingly shallow media drum, drum, drum the EXIT word.

In massive eternal denial of fact and reality, American sheeple hail our War President (with his Nobel Peace Prize), for ending the Afghanistan WAR.

It's so simple. 1) trial balloons until you find a word the sheeple like, 2) Use that word as many times as you can, 3) Sheeple will never know you did the exact opposite.

Obama Vows, promises, swears, gives oath, swears on his mother's grave, to bring our troops HOME during campaign.

Lyndon Banes Johnson flat said, "America WILL NOT go to war in Veitnam" as he was loading the military into boats to go to war in Vietnam.

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Now I understand why there are so few of us awake.

These people must still be talking to their pet rocks.



Lies, and more Lies. Will America even be able to fund the war by 2011?

Seriously. The economy isn't exactly doing an about face.. Where is the tax base for this and the Iraq unconstitutional wars gonna come from?

Cindy speaks out agaisnt more war, again!


She was protesting at the Federal Reserve? Cool!

All for freedom? Freedom for all!

Free includes debt-free!

Very predictable

Not only the military industrial complex becomes richer but they are also making America weaker by sending the troops away. It is double benefit for the powers behind.

Just in time for the 2012 election.

Obama will shine in the light of ending the war and nothing he will have done up to that point will matter. The people will say, "Well he did end the war. Maybe universal health care, cap and trade, one world government and the fact that the country is in pieces ain't so bad." Its a plan to win another term and he is telling us how he is going to do it right now.

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◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \

That is what I was thinking.

I think they pulled a date out of their butts, just to keep people quiet.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Ugh... the Editor's are sick.

When you click to view "Comments" it directs you to the 'Editor's Selections'... most of them being Pro-War, Obamapologistic, interventionist rubbish.
In order to get a more accurate picture of what the readers are thinking, click "All Comments". When you click on it, you can see that the majority of the reader sentiment is outrage, betrayal, and opposition to this act of war.

This is all bloody semantic bullshit!

Obama sends MORE TROOPS to Afghanistan and the MSM newsheadlines say: "Obama wants to pull out in 2012". I guess that's how he won the Nobel Peace Prize, with false slogans like "hope" and "change" and "peace" and "tollerance". Obviously he hasn't DONE anything peaceful at all so far, but as long as you can make the public believe otherwise it doens't matter at all.

Didn't Bush want to pull out of Iraq by 2007? Didn't Cheney say that the Iraqi resistance was "in their last throws" (or something like that) in 2005?? Lies, lies and more lies.

The wars in the Middle East & Beyond are meant to last indefenitely, the longer the better, and in the mean time they just keep lying to the public about it. Sickening.

Anybody get the feeling that as foreign troops are coming by ...

the thousands to the U.S. for some kind of training in our cities and states, that own troops are being sent away to foreign shores so that if there is an uprising in this country that the troops that will be on the streets to manage us will more likely be made up of foreigners who won't have a problem firing on us if given the order? Can this be one of the reasons why Barry the "Peace Prize" Usurper is sending 30,000 + American-born troops so far away from home?? Is it possible that the govt. might be afraid that our own troops won't follow their orders like foreign troops will? Its just a thought that seems to be running through my mind. I have a bad feeling about 2010 and a very hot summer w/hunrgy fed up people getting randy. I pray it isn't so, because I want a peaceful resolution, but these days nothing surprises me and every dirty trick the govt. may have up its sleeve is completely open to any possibility!! I'm just thinking out loud.

I think you are absolutely right.

U.N. blue helmets on American streets look increasingly likely.

"I believe the true significance of the Gold Commission is that the politicians and central bankers were so alarmed at such a thing that they made sure it was packed by an array of Keynesians and monetarists." (Ron Paul 1985)

That is frightening.

:( What kind of foreign troops? Hessians?

The rebels took care of the Hessians real good

Got most of'em while they were sleeping, I believe.

Obama is a freakin liar...

does that surprise you all? It shouldn't. There is not a single one of them in Congress, or in the Senate that is like this, except Ron Paul, and a few that actually still follow our Constitution, and represent the people. Of all people Miss Jackson-Lee said it the best, she said, "We are trying to let the American People know that this Health Reform is what is best for them, and this is after she was inundated with 1000's of people at her town hall meeting telling her this is not what we want. This woman - Jackson-Lee, and many others in our Congress will not listen to the American people, so what is our next option? I say we start hanging all these non-American a-holes on the Capital steps, and see if they listen to us then? What say You???

During Obama's Campaign for Presidentcy he said our troops...

would come home immediately, or did I hear something wrong during all those debates? Here it is in black, and white:


well, to be specific.....

that "black and white" is referring to Iraq. Unless I missed something, there's no mention of Afghanistan in that article anywhere.