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The Primaries are Coming! - ANNOUNCING!!! - National Canvassing Kickoff

As the days count down to the Tea Party weekend and the excitement builds, many Ron Paul supporters are taking to the streets and knocking on doors, getting ready for a nation-wide canvassing event on DEC 15th and 16th.

Members of the San Francisco Ron Paul Meetup have developed an amazing web site RonPaulReveres.com to promote nation-wide canvassing efforts, tracking the totals state by state.

The front page of RonPaulReveres.com features a real-time tracking meter that follows the totals, much like the fundraising thermometer. Also, visitors can see how each state compares in canvassing efforts.


SAN FRANCISCO -- Paul Revere rides again. He's deceased, but The Ron Paul Reveres are saddled-up, energized and ready to ride. Wake-up our neighbors! Face-to-face, door-to-door, all across America. Nothing less will save our Nation.

Are you ready to ride? Learn how here: RonPaulReveres.com

Includes a real-time national tracking meter to tally our historic success. Get signed-up, and start posting your numbers! They'll be added to the national totals in real-time. We need primary votes, lots of them. This the way to get them.

National Canvassing Weekend Door-to-Door - DEC 15-16th
All Meetups are asked to join us in a national weekend effort to knock on our neighbors doors from coast to coast.
How many households can we reach?
How HIGH will the meter go?

Not sure how to canvass? Worried it's not for you? No problem. It's fun and anyone can do it.

Watch our simple training video here: http://ronpaulreveres.com...

Learn the simple basics of voter registration here: http://ronpaulreveres.com...

Need a simple script from a pro? Read it here: http://ronpaulreveres.com...

------------ GET YOUR FLYERS AT www.Paul-Mall.com ------------

------------ GET YOUR FLYERS AT www.Paul-Mall.com ------------

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It is Time to Move Out and Engage! Canvassing No. 1 Strategy

It is Time to Move Out and Engage! Canvassing No. 1 Strategy

The importance of organizing the efforts of those who will carry out the campaign activities can not be overstated. To date the campaign activities have been self organized and self promoted through the www.ronpaul.meetup.com website by a network of self motivated Meetup Organizers and Co-Organizers. These groups now appear in every major city and metropolitan area of the nation. The groups have conducted their own campaign events with materials they purchased, created or obtained from the national campaign. Now it is time to organize and prioritize all of our activities. From now until election our strategic priorities in order of importance are as follows:

1. Canvassing door to door / literature drops

2. Calling registered voters

3. Letter mailing to voters

4. Other campaign Activities as best determined

The #1 strategic priority of for all Meetup members, volunteers and supporters is to canvass. The Ron Paul Reveres group is to be applauded. They have produced, in my opinion, one of the most important resources for this stage of the campaign and have set the standard for our training.

The video at http://www.ronpaulreveres.com/canvassing should be viewed and studied by every organizer, co-organizer, and supporter. Every person of every age group can learn to canvass from this brief, to the point, very relevant video. That is the greatness of this video.

Every able body should now get trained, organized, obtain literature and hit the streets. If we turn out our 80,000 person army, we will quickly recruit others and double our size to a 160,000 persons.

I would also recommend that the focus of conversations on Daily Paul shift direction to accomplishing these strategies. It is time to organize, get your literature and canvass. Canvass alone, canvass with a group, canvass after work for 30 minutes, canvass on the weekends. canvass somewhere, every day until your state primary.

We now have an army and we have money in our treasury. It is now time to act. Let’s move out into our next mode and astound the nation by our numbers. Victory will be ours!

-Will Pitts

In Addition - Voter Registration forms.

Thank you Will for your extremely important comments.

In addition, All of us need to carry voter registration forms with us at all times.
We need to educate ourselves how to fill them out, and when they must be in the hands of the Registrar of Voters for are particular counties.

Talking to someone, anyone, EVERYONE, about Ron Paul, and about their vote in the Primaries, is of course essential. But not having voter registration forms with us while doing so, is like showing-up to an old-west gunfight without any bullets.

Voter registration forms are free at the Registrars Office, and also free at most DVM's, and some Post Offices. Get some now! And get extra's for other Meetup members. You'll need them through the Holidays as you gather with family. And when you do, make sure your family is properly registered to vote. Make sure they are registered republican in closed primary states.

Then give them and extra form in case they want to change the registration back to "independent", or whatever, after the primary elections.

Voter registration must be our First Order of Business!
Learn more here: http://ronpaulreveres.com/node/35

And here: http://www.credomobile.com/registertovote/?source=govote

David Cameron

Great Point

Registering voters is often overlooked. Great point. I am going to modify our Grass Roots Initiative Plan (GRIP) here in NE Florida.

The numbers are rising!!!

But I am not going to let California Beat my state!!!

I know that Colorado has Canvassed more than 3000 doors!

Hey Hey Colorado and every State... Where are you at??

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

We could hit 5k today

This counter will be going nuts soon,

That's the spirit!

Hey cam.shane,

Get over to ronpaulreveres.com and sign up! Then you can post your results for Colorado.

Let's get this competition started!

i first heard of Dr. Paul on

i first heard of Dr. Paul on politics and religion w/ Irvin Baxter Jr., Irvin Baxter was in Indiana and then moved shop to Texas last yr.(endtime.com) he was promoting Russo's film and had him on the show as a guest. i finally watched it, but never new Paul was in it or recognized him. Irvin Baxter was talking about him and saying that he was running for Pres. and mentioned him being in Russo's film. Irvin has been pounding for the repeel of the real i.d. act and has been for a long time. when i heard Paul was against this national i.d. i was in it for the long haul, he's my guy. Paul has been on politics and religion and did really good. i beleive that we are at the brink of the end of time and if the real i.d. takes root here in America we will be ripped apart @ the very core of what makes this nation free. it's time we rise up and make a lasting change and secure our freedom from the evil that this world faces, if we lay aside and expect someone else to do it then you might as well lay aside all of your rights. i say if you beleive as i do w/ all of your heart and passion that something needs to be done to stop this act of invading our freedom w/ fear and force...then meet me in Iowa and in New Hampshire and any other primary state. this war on our freedom must be addressed to the public and we must lead the charge.

Great post. I would like to

Great post. I would like to cover my street. Can someone link me to a good printable flyer and .iso image I can burn onto dvd (there seems to be alot of choices).

Canvassing in NY

Hello everyone, this is my first time on the board. In regards to canvassing, I live in New York, where the voter registration for the primaries is already closed. I live in a strongly Republican area, and so maybe I could tap into that to shake up the assumed Giuliani victory. A lot of New Yorkers actually hate Giuliani, though they will be tempted to vote for him simply because he's from the same area as them.

I have decided to go canvassing, but I don't want to knock on a Democrat's door and waste my time trying to convince him/her to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries when they can't. Is it at all possible to get a list of the addresses of registered Republicans in my area from the internet?

"Never forget that there was only one freedom on which this country was founded, and that was freedom from government."

"Never forget that there was only one freedom on which this country was founded, and that was freedom from government."

Canvassing every house

Don't worry about political parties. A lot of Ron Paul supporters used to be registered Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, etc.

This is about exposure and name recognition.
Just knock on every door.
Tell them you are from the neigborhood.
As you hand them a slim jim, ask them if they have heard of Ron Paul.
If they express interest in Ron Paul, ask if they are registered to vote as a Republican. If not, have them fill out a voter registration form and take the filled out form with you to the Elections Office nearest you.

Too easy.

What about those not registered Republican?

Let's say I knock on the door, and I ask them if they're registered Republican. What if the person isn't a Rep? Do I say "Oh never mind" and walk away? What do I do?

"Never forget that there was only one freedom on which this country was founded, and that was freedom from government."

"Never forget that there was only one freedom on which this country was founded, and that was freedom from government."