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Urgent! Sherry Peel Jackson former IRS agent needs help!

Lindsey Springer here and I write to you not to simply ask you to close your eyes and pray but afterwards to get up and lift your head high and while you are at it grab your phone and call Congressman Hank Johnson as I have done at:
Washington, DC Office
1133 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-1605
Fax: (202) 226-0691


Tucker Office
3469 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 205
Tucker , GA  30084
Phone: (770) 939-2016
Fax : (770) 939-3753

Let your voice be heard by calling both places and be polite but firm demanding to know what is going on with Sherry Peel Jackson.   Remind the Congressman or his staff that she is a former IRS Agent and was not sentenced to death but merely misdemeanors only.   Many are watching this so after you get done saying your prayer for Sherry I pray you hear God's call back at ya and pick up that phone and call either or both numbers above.  We are all Sherry Peel Jacksons.
Sherry's letter:
I am Sherry Peel Jackson, your former CPA.  I am writing you because I am concerned about my health and my life.  Prior to becoming a political  prisoner I was the picture of health. 

In late June, 2009 I started experiencing a rapid heart beat on an irregular basis.  Since this had happened infrequently in the past I did not think much of it.  However, in Mid July it started happening on a regular basis and I became concerned.  I went to the medical staff twice in Mid July only to be given a one-minute EKG test and powerful meds without proper diagnosis.  I did not take them because I had not been seen by a specialist.  

One week later, on July 21 at 12:45am I left the dorm in flip flops to go tell the officers that I was having a heart attack.  The  officers on duty called the ambulance and the ambulance checked my heart on their portable EKG machine.  It was beating at 150 beats per minute.  They took me to Leesberg (spelling) hospital where I remained until Friday, July 24th at 11:30pm.  During the hospital stay it was determined that my heart was healthy but my thyroid was producing too much hormone, thus speeding up my heart.  

This is called hyperthyroidism or Graves disease.  I was given two medications by the hospital - Methimazole, which is an anti-thyroid agent used to reduce the amount of thyroid hormone produced by the body and Metoprolol, which is a beta blocker used to slow the heart.  The hospital doctor told me that in four weeks (approximately August 21) the prison medical unit was to do blood tests to determine how the thyroid medication was affecting my body.  

The blood test was taken in late August and I was told that I would be placed on the appointment schedule to come over and review the results.  I was never called.  I went over in early September and inquired of Dr. DeLeon as to how to get blood test results.  He told me to put in a request to staff, so I did that on September 15th.  It simply asked to see the results of the tests.  

Sometime after September 23rd I received a response in writing, from Ms. Marich, that stated that I could either make a sick call (come over early in the morning wait in line and fill out forms) or come to Open House to see the results.  Open house is held only on Thursdays from 3:00pm to 3:30pm.  I went to Open House Thursday September 30th and was told by Ms. Marich that she could not find the results! I watched her look through and around several piles of folders in her office but at no time did she look on a computer for them.  She told me to check back later.  

On Wednesday October 28th I passed out around 4pm and was taken to medical and cleared.  On Friday October 30th my lips started turning black as if I had been a lifelong smoker.  By Sunday November 1st my lips were fully black.  

My boss, the Chaplain, called medical and a male nurse was sent over from the medium security men's prison on this complex (there are two maximum security, one medium security and one low security men's prisons on this complex with the women's camp).  He took my blood pressure and oxygen and said there was nothing else he could do.  He told me to go to sick call Monday morning, which I did.  I showed Mr. Coucho my lips and told him that something was wrong with my blood, I could tell. (I am leaving out gross details here).  He said I would be put on the schedule.  

However, the very next day, Tuesday morning, November 3rd, I found blood in my stool and rushed over to medical because I am smart enough to know that this is a major problem.  I was chewed out for coming over to medical without a staff member telling me to come.  I told Charlie, the female nurse and Mr. Coucho the PA that I was in the hospital in July, never got the blood work results and something was terribly wrong.  I was 46 years old and I know my body!  I finally convinced them that I was not playing and was not stupid, so they 'treated' me with a packet for a stool sample test.  

Mr. Coucho looked on the computer for the blood test results from August and found them there!  The blood test showed a problem with the thyroid way back then!  He said I would be put on the schedule for new blood work later that week because these results were too old.  He had a short conversation with Dr. DeLeon in Spanish and then said the thyroid count was off.  This was November 3rd.  I administered the stool tests and returned them to Nurse Charlie on Friday November 6th.
Today is November 26th, Thanksgiving.  I have not received the results of the stool test.  I  have not been given any new blood test.  My neck is swelling up like a blow fish and I am having trouble talking.  I have been feeling very ill for the last two weeks.

Congressman, I don't want them to kill me in here.  As you well know, I am being punished for exposing government fraud.  However, millions of people don't file tax returns and I was just used as an example by the DOJ for their new program called the Tax Defiers Initiative.  

I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children.  I have already spent 21 months in prison for a non crime, and I refuse to come out dead or maimed for life.  I have not caused these people any problems.  This is no threat but just for your information.  I also wrote the warden today.  Things can't go on this way as I languish in here for someone's political gain.  God doesn't like ugly and He is the ultimate judge and vindicator.  

Sherry Peel Jackson 59085-019
P.O. BOX 1032
COLEMAN, FL  33521
 FCI Coleman Medium
On December 2nd, 2009 CptDave says:

phone number: 352-689-5000

fax: 352-330-0552

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It would be nice if Ron Paul

It would be nice if Ron Paul would take some interest in the issues Ms. Jackson has been sent to prison for.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Answer from her husband, Colin...

From: Colin L. Jackson [mailto:colinljackson@msn.com]
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 3:59 PM
To: ****************
Subject: Sherry

Hello family and friends,

Sherry is doing much better. The swelling in her neck has gone down and the main challenge she has right now is the petty "drama" that goes on there.

I apologize for sending this form letter to everyone but, to my surprise, when I sent the letter out to update you on Sherry's health and solicit your prayers, I did NOT expect to receive 300 emails in two days. I am overwhelmed by your care and concern. But, at the same time, I'm overwhelmed with trying to answer each email. So, I am asking that you would give me a few days as I attempt to respond to each one of you as soon as I can.

If you would like to write Sherry, you can send your letters (NO bubble wrap, NO cardboard, NO gifts, NO greeting cards with audio) to:

Sherry Peel Jackson
FCC Coleman Camp F2
P.O. Box 1027
Coleman, FL 33521-1027

Again, thank you for your patience as I try to get to each of you.
God bless you.
In Christ, Colin

"Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people." Patrick Henry

"We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power... the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone - it is to the

Here's an email I sent to my list, feel free to copy, modify.

Sherry Peel Jackson is in a bad way. Sherrys plight while in federal custody for willfully non compliance with IRS filing requirements. Anyway she's in a bad way. I contacted her Congressman and the assistant I spoke to assured me that they were working very hard to make sure she's taken care of, I hope that means in a good way ? After I'd spoken to this man I asked myself if the tax is a voluntary individual tax why is she in prison in the first place ? She was an IRS agent (actually an administrative clerk the IRS had illegally out doing forceful audits, for that alone someone with a little knowledge of the law could have filed criminal complaints against her and had her taken to jail. The bottom line is she left the IRS and started doing CPA work and figured out that the whole thing is a fraud. She started telling the world the FED was private for profit and the IRS was it's collection arm.
Now shes a prisoner. And she might very well die. Please contact Congressman Hank Johnson, all his office numbers here:
Washington, DC Office
1133 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-1605
Fax: (202) 226-0691
Lithonia Office
5700 Hillandale Dr., Suite 110
Lithonia, GA 30058
Phone: (770) 987-2291
Fax: (770) 987-8721
Tucker Office
3469 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 205
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: (770) 939-2016
Fax: (770) 939-3753

Sherry Peel Jackson 59085-019
P.O. BOX 1032
Phone: (202) 307-3198
Email: info@bop.gov

Please tell him that Sherry Peel Jacksons mistreatment is being observed and will not be tolerated. The scales are off we are hunting down the FED and we want the IRS shut down permanently. Ed ald Elaine Brown come to mind as does Irwin Schiff..I have heard that Mr Schiff is getting the diesel treatment. If your not familiar with it it's just torture. Congressman George Hansen had it done to him and he lost most of his teeth and three or four of his toes....The heart of the matter are the criminals holding brave Americans hostage

Please call on her behalf, we owe her for her courage
Keith Crawford
1/2 priced diesel and gasoline
email: riceowlex@yahoo.com
phone/fax: 281-469-0189

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


Put a note and a few bucks in an envelope for Sherry Jackson--

Colin Jackson
1560 Fieldgreen Overlook
Stone Mountain, GA 30088

reedr3v's picture



Left message -

voicemail for Johnson

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

We created a new site to help get this message out


Content is being added as we speak.


I visited this earlier,

and am wondering if there are any details for next Friday? Also, do you know if Lowell (Larry) Becraft is still active as her attorney?
I am forwarding your website link to everyone that I know. THANKS!

New morning brings new approach.

Okay, I decided that today maybe we should call the hospital that Sherry mentioned. This is what i said, "Hi, i am calling to inquire if a friend of mine has been admitted as a patient."
operator: "what is her name?"
me: Sherry Jackson
her: No, i don't have her listed as a patient.
me: Can you tell me if this is the hospital that she was admitted to back in July?
her: No. I would have no way to do that.
me: Hmm. Well then can you tell me if this is the hospital that Coleman prisoners would be treated in or admitted to?
her: No Miss, I CAN"T tell you that.
me: I understand. Okay, one more question if you don't mind? Is there any other hospital in the area that MIGHT treat Coleman prisoners?
her: Ummm, possibly Inverness.
me: Thank you so much, it's just that I am so worried for my friend...since she left your hospital in July, her health has severely deteriorated and she does not appear to be receiving the follow up care that your hospital reccommended. It appears that she needs EMERGENCY medical assistance.
her: Oh my. Don't worry hon.

Well i AM worried. As YOU ALL are.

bumping this thread from earlier today

has encouraging comments you might have missed

we are the Remnant

we are the Remnant


bumpity, bump

The Campaign for Sherry Peel Jackson


support me and spread the word! Http://www.VoteBrianFrank.com

Freedom is NOT free!

I got

this in my inbox a short while ago; Digg #20...

She is in my prayers...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

We're calling the prison to set up a media interview with Sherry

I was informed today at 4:30pm to call back tomorrow between 8 and 4 and speak with the Executive Assistant (strange name) for approval of media interviews of prisoners.

If anyone else with media ties would like to do same, the number is 352-689-6000. Let's get this on youtube and everywhere...and let them know we're watching them.

RP R3VOLution

Nicely done TJ

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Spoke to an aide in Washington...

Mary Beth Williams, she was well aware of the situation, noted that they have been receiving a number of calls. Mary Beth explained that there is an aide assigned to Sherry's case, and that aide is working directly with the authorities in Florida to assess and improve the level of Sherry's care...She would not concede the name of the aide, but would pass along my concerns...I was unable to raise a live body at the prison...

For Liberty,

www.Libertyis.org ~ what does Liberty mean to you?

One call that will make a difference to a HERO! Do it now!

"(Better) to be confused in the search for truth than fully confident and sound asleep in a dream of lies." ~ Michael Nystrom

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--



This story is Now Public

I have recently published Ms. Jackson's story on NowPublic:

You may read it at the link below:




Just called the Reps office and talked to an aide... he insisted that they were working on it as we were speaking..he seemed a bit shaken as if there was a real need to do something....

I TOLD HIM IN NO UNCERTAIN WORDS...that if she dies..him and his office would be held accountable for MURDER!! As there is ample time to fix her and this situation..!! I said the public outcry would be so enormous that it would send fear into the heart of Washington DC.... I made it very clear to NOT LET THIS HERO DIE!!!! Told him she needed iodine.. and that the prison water system was poisoning her... He again stammered and said that the Rep. cared about her ... and was doing all he could to rectify the situation. I also told him to prove it by posting updates on their website ...(he said once there was some new developments that they would look into that)

thank heaven help is coming

I read a while ago that they were cutting the heat on her in her cell. This woman is one courageous human being. We love you Sherry and we are there for you!

Let's hope for the best for Sherry and let's remember all of them this Xmas - it must be a very sad time for them.

we are the Remnant

we are the Remnant

Made the call!

I have also made the call the Jonhson's Washington office and was told they have a staffer working on it.

I have tried to get this reported to Face Book so that more Americans's can be made aware of what is going on with Sherry and her lack of treatment. i have not found an article that I could post there.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I've spread it all over FB.

I've spread it all over FB. As have many freedom fighters! I am so proud of my brother and sister Patriots.

Blessings )o(

Blessings )o(

Called Coleman prison...

Dialed 0 operator... asked to connect to Medical.... got through... person put me off at first.... "can't discuss prisoner or medical condition... bla, bla" .
I warmed her up a little... asked to connect to someone who could discuss it.. she said that couldn't happen without a form... bla bla... so I said ok then I'm just going to tell you.. and said the situation was critical and the eyes of the Nation was upon them... her department... and that attention MUST be given to avoid an escalation that would come down right to their doorstep... so I asked her to simply CARE about the situation enough to DO something quickly... make some phone calls etc.... but DON'T drop the ball... Congressmen have been called.... DON'T wait for this to get out of control.... in other words.... COVER YOUR OWN ASS!
Before it gets handed to you.... she sounded motivated when I hung up.

please post the number you called.. it seems that is the fastest

way to solve this!!

OP.... please post on top

here it is (from below)

FCI Coleman Medium
On December 2nd, 2009 CptDave says:

phone number: 352-689-5000

fax: 352-330-0552

bump for action.

bump for action.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."