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Recent World Events Indicate Impending Market Chaos

For the past couple years we have been covering every nuance of the economic collapse and in almost every instance we have come to the conclusion that 2010 would be the year that the U.S. would see an incredible downturn, possibly resulting in the inflationary disintegration of the Dollar, and a major stock market revolt which would destroy any remaining illusion Americans still have that a recovery is in progress.

We are now on the edge of winter 2009, and recent events across the globe indicate more and more that our predictions for 2010 were correct. Let’s examine some of those events and their implications now…

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Don't be surprised if the Bankers...

and the Elite have already taken their share of the dollar, and have been hoarding or already exchanging it for the new world currency. Gold, and silver is the best buy right now, follow what China, India, and Russia are doing, they are not as dumb as our US government would like us to believe.