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Government Control Concerning State Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Marriage Licenses, etc

I am trying to get some information concerning these federal government controlled documents. Has anyone on here studied the background of the social security card, the birth certificate, and the marriage license contract with the state? These are by no means contracts that should be entered into by knowledgeable sovereign citizens. My wife and I are debating as to whether or not to get our child a state issued birth certificate...or whether we should simply record his birth in our family Bible. We know that there are pros and cons to each side. Ultimately, we are Christians with Biblical convictions and we do not wish to give the federal government control over our child in such a manner. After much research it appears that the Birth Certificate is nothing more than a bank note used by the department of commerce who sells our children to pay their debts. I would appreciate any information on this subject. I was told that there would be many people on this site with knowledge concerning these lawless federal government documents.

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" I was told that there would be many people on this site with knowledge concerning these lawless federal government documents."

Right... By who? Why would someone who knows about that direct you here and not to a website that would be focused on that? Are you sure you haven't been here before?

Well, anyway. If this is how you advertise

Without adhesions contracts

Without adhesions contracts its hard to live when everything is in commerce. If it was me, I would have the baby, I wouldn't get the baby any shots, then i would tell the hospital the name hasnt been chosen yet and leave and record it in the family bible. you can always get one later. they would truly be sovereign! The hard part about being completely sovereign, everything else inst....

i would love to see you document everything they do and how they act when you say you dont have a named picked out, then what forms they try to make you sign.

good post.

I'm pretty sure

that birth certificates and marriage licenses are issued by your respective state. In non-agrarian regions these documents have been used in America since its founding. They did not just turn up randomly as some conspiracy to control us. On the other hand, social security may be another story...

Very,Very good question

.I hope someone with more legal knowledge than
me can help you with this.
But I can say as a Sovereign Citizen by birth right
I still have to have a Certificate of Indian Blood for
my Sovereignty to be "seen" so in your case it would
be hard to say.
If you can afford it I would suggest some legal help
with this,To become a sovereign citizen there are
documents you must file with your county recorder
anyways,Please research this carefully !

"The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be made to understand it. "

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

The folks that know these answers do not seem to be here

tonight. Perhaps you can keep it active tomorrow morning by replying to my post.

http://www.teamlaw.org/links.htm may be of help to you. Welcome to the DP!

In Liberty.


Thanks for the help my friend!

Vincent Sifuentes

look up a thread by 'freemanontheland'

look for the one called "seriously ask me any question" i think your answer is in there.

fortune favors the bold

It's node # 99168 FULL of

It's node # 99168 FULL of info!