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Do you live in a municipality?

If so, you ought to consider going for public office. It's the best way to get your foot in the door & really build a grassroots Constitutional movement from the bottom up. Municipalities are in the best position to utilize hand-counted paper ballots for counting & the positions are important enough to be well-known & have influence, yet small enough so that they're not major offices. If you were the Mayor of a municipality, so to speak, the newspaper would quote you & you'd be an impt. person in the community, yet, depending on your size, the constituent size would be ~5,000.

It's also a good way to get name recognition for Constitution Party or another party that really represents American interests. Your state election office should be able to refer you to your state municipal association & you can talk to someone there about how to get involved, but you should know if you live in a municipality already or are eligible to vote in a municipal election.

It would be interesting to see who responds to this, the last post seems went in 1 ear & out the other.

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