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Congress Split Over Obama's Afghan Plan

By William Douglas and David Lightman | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — A wary, divided Congress raised serious questions Tuesday about President Barack Obama's new strategy for the war in Afghanistan, as well as its timetables and his plans to pay for the troop buildup.

Obama's biggest challenge will be his fellow Democrats, who control 60 of the Senate's 100 seats and 258 of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives. Worried about retaining their majority in next November's elections at a time when polls show the public turning against them and the war in Afghanistan, they are by no means ready to throw their support behind Obama's plan to escalate the U.S. war effort.

"Till there's a full debate, we don't know where individual senators will end up," said Sen. Robert Casey, D-Pa., a moderate. "There's a ways to go. Just as the president engaged in a thorough review, Congress has to do the same."


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This article could be the basis for our next project

Where do our Congressmen stand and who seems to need word of encouragment to end our warring ways.

If the vote comes out against Barney's bad bill in the Finance Committee then we can go for two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Audit the FED with HR1207 standalone
End the war and its funding (soldiers and contractors)

All for freedom? Freedom for all!

Free includes debt-free!

Will Congress borrow the money to pay for more war?

The football analogy is stupid, unless they are killing people for sport.

A surtax for fighting the war, well that will make people think twice.

Middle Eastern strategy? Rope a Dope.

There are makers and there are takers. We have this small hope, the takers don't dare trust each other. There is no honor amongst thieves.

All for freedom? Freedom for all!

Free includes debt-free!