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Ron Paul's 1st TV Ad!

In circulation in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Sioux City since Tuesday.

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What are the copyright

What are the copyright laws.the most bang for the buck would be Congressman Pauls` answers to questions at the debates.Get avaroth(aravoth?)! Rachel too!

walter whitt

Not without its charms

While I agree that the ad could be improved I think that a "slick" ad could do more harm than good. Concentrating on substance rather than style would be more in keeping with the nature of the campaign. It would also bring a refreshing change from the slick ads that attempt to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Drain the swamp!

If Ron Paul HQ Had More Money?

Where the ad is concerned, I suspect we are getting what we've paid for, especially given the time constraints.

A Question: Do we think that Ron has at least 400,000 supporters at this time? They might not all be "active" but they claim to want him to win and would vote for him if their state primary were held tomorrow?

I choose the number 400,000 because that was the number of votes Harry Browne and Michael Badnarik each pulled when they ran for president. It represents a tiny number of the general electorate (mostly libertarians).

If Ron currently has 400,000 supporters who "would like him to win" then I suspect not enough of them realize that money is the "mother's milk" of politics.

Here's some math to ponder...

400,000 supporters x $10 each = $4 million
400,000 supporters x $25 each = $10 million
400,000 supporters x $50 each = $20 million
400,000 supporters x $72 each (for Ron's 72nd birthday Aug. 20) = $28,800,000
400,000 supporters x $100 each = $40 million
400,000 supporters x $200 each = $80 million

The Ron Paul Campaign is currently operating on a budget of only $2.5-$3 million. Are we all SURE we want him to win??? We expect slick, fancy ads???

If you have seen the photo mosaic of Ron Paul supporters circulating around the Internet and you put your mouse pointer over several faces, you'll see how many of them have donated $0. It's a lot of people -- far too many. Some will say that they have been spending money on local outreach efforts instead of donating to the national HQ. Local outreach is laudable but it is also VERY important to build the national warchest to cure the forgetable ad problem we're complaining about. And, as can be seen above, it only takes a little bit from each of us to create very large sums.

Standing on street corners waving signs is good, romantic grassroots effort that should not let up. But Ron will really only achieve victory if we make him a TV and radio star, and to do so, he'll need the kind of bucks that come from EACH OF US contributing a little money to the national campaign. The Internet is good, for sure, but it is still a largely active place to get information. Tap the passive media, and do it with repetition, and Ron's numbers will start to grow exponentially, which will cause his campaign coffers to fill even more and faster. There will be a spiraling up effect and we'll achieve our victory. Remember that ultimately at least 80 million people need persuading that Ron is the best man. We should be acting like Ron is currently running for the presidency, not just the nomination. If we give him the funds to run for president, the nomination is much more likely to take care of itself.

Let us not expect our Ron Paul eagle to fly with clipped wings! Let us ALL scrape up the funds needed to turn our "eagle" into a mightly rocket!

Thank you.

This Ad Is Terrible

This ad did not show Ron Paul very well. It is boring and has way too much info crammed in that it ends up saying nothing. In my opinion, a total waste of money. In fact, I am embarrased to share TV ad this with others. As for the radio ads they are ok, but I think they could have been MUCH better.

I like the idea of getting us volunteers to make commercials (TV, Radio, Print). Just look at all the great videos made on YouTube or the recent call for the newspaper ad "We Are Ron Paul" ad in Iowa to see what energized people come up with. A major benefit is that it costs the campaign nothing to use the talents that are waiting to be harnessed for free. I like the idea of a fun contest or competiton with prizes (maybe seats to future detabes, or a signed book, or a rally in honor of the winners hometown, etc.) helping to get this TV ad going really going. This gives energy and focus to current volunteers into a productive endeavor for the campaign.

More Lemonade?

I can't help but notice how every time Congressman Ron Paul is given lemons, he always manages to make some lemonade. I think your idea for volunteer commercials is great, and it probably wouldn't have been thought of if it hadn't been for this lemon of a commercial.

Go Ron Paul!

P.S. Just got a vision of little kids having lemonade stands for Ron Paul all across America...heheh.

Let's Hope He Makes Lemonade

Just a clarification, in regard to this TV ad, he wasn't given a lemon, he was completely responsible in making a lemon. Now lets hope he can turn this lemon into into lemonade by using low cost, yet meaningful incentives to motivate us volunteers to create future TV, radio and print ads for the campaign.

The Ghost of Ed Bernays is alive and well

Political manipulation will bring in fans who are just as easily removed from our ranks.

Don't fall for the temptation.

Humor U.S.

Yeah, I agree we need some humor. Objectively speaking, the most memorable line of the debate last weekend was the zinger from Mitt Romney about Obama as Dr. Strangelove (and was probably written for him.) Giuliani has also gotten publicity for saying funny things at the right time. These soundbytes don't make them better candidates, but they make them more memorable to the American public.

I love the idea of a YouTube commercial contest. 30 second spots. The best ones get used in the campaign and the creators get national exposure. I'm sure you could get some pretty talented folks coming up with great commercials!

If the Ron Paul campaign would make itself available to suggestions for commercial ideas and promotional ideas, I'd love to contribute some directly to them. (I don't want to post here and have Hillary's campaign steal them.)

Does anyone out there know how to contact the media people for Ron Paul's campaign?


Media people....Jesse Benton is Ron Paul's communications director. Is that the same as media?

Mitt rehearsed that one, believe me...

Probably? Mitt even flubbed it halfway through (despite what looked like obvious practice) when the audience anticipated it & he kept talking. What we need is a commercial that's funny enough that NON RON PAUL FANS want to send it around. If it's also interesting or makes a good point, great, but that's secondary to funny and get's Ron Paul's name out there.

I know of no secret inside campaign email, but the good news is that they eventually read them & reply.

Very Disappointing

If this is an example of how a Ron Paul Presidency will spend our money, then I'm real glad he's against spending our money. This ad makes the mistake of trying to sound like all the other Presidential ads. What for? We don't want someone that sounds like everyone else. I watched this ad yesterday, and right now I can't remember a single thing that it said. That's not good.

Come on. What has energized so many people to get on the RP Bandwagon is precisely the fact that he DOESN'T sound like everyone else. Give us something bold. Stop trying to play it safe. Remember the Paul Wellstone ads from 15 years ago. Those ads were cheaply made, but they were so different that they resonated with the public.

Give us an ad with humor. There is no easier target to skewer with humor than the typical politician. And Ron Paul is the perfect candidate to use this technique because no one can claim he's a typical politician. Best of all, the public loves ads with humor.

I'll give the Ron Paul people a mulligan on this one, but I won't be so lenient the next time.

I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

I agree - disappointing

I get the feeling that the campaign is being handled by worriers.

This ad doesn't even mention that Ron Paul is against the Iraq War. Trying to appeal to the Christian right is a strategic mistake. They will support Rudy, Mitt, McCain, Fred Thompson or Newt as long as they can go on killing and torturing Arabs.

Losing the Iowa straw poll won't be the end of the world if some lessons can be learned.

Turn the ad money over to Rachel Mills and tell her to spend it as she sees fit.

Don't bring me any more of this crap.
Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Rachel rocks

Someone (with her permission) could just take clips of her videos so far and make a GREAT TV commercial for Ron Paul, and Rachel wouldn't even have to do anything more than she's already done for the cause! Of course, I'm still thinking about the "commercial with some of the beautiful kids Dr. Paul delivered" idea...THAT could be powerful!

With as many funny people as

With as many funny people as we have in this army, I agree it's disappointing this ad is so bland and "safe." Hopefully they'll come up with a better one, soon. The humor-possibilities are certainly there...

They used that song.

I like that song they used for that, the one that guy made for Ron.

The fuzziness of it is probably just YouTube compression.

I think the ad is.. mehh.. ok, but it seems that its jammed packed with so much info that most of it would blow by people. Words on the screen should reinforce whats being said, not say something totally different. It does introduce people to Paul, but it still looks like a "lesser canidates" ad. Its a C+ ad.

I like these YouTube ads the most.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Fsv7iwZRc (2 min.. needs reworking and a voice, but I skip rent to get this on tv. This shows people *who* he is.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx-NbwWeVXQ (I think the Adult Swim style of ad really draws peoples attention.)

Tv ad is terrible, let's be as honest w/ that as Ron is w/ us

It's just no good. I understand that he's trying to be frugal but the production is terrible and says nothing about him. He doesn't stand out at all. If this were the first I'd heard of Ron, I probably wouldn't be writing on this site right now. I'd rather the campaign stop mailing me thank you cards when I donate (instead of just sending a free email...there should be an option to opt out of that, btw) and save all their money for something worthwhile. Besides, with a legion of YouTubers he could have a much better vid produced for FREE!
I like the two you listed.
The top one yes, I would not eat for a week to have that aired.
The second one is also really good and already 30 seconds. ...Just take out the copyright protected music and it's ready to go.
If anyone is in direct contact with the campaign, please PLEASE let them know, any one of us could make him a better video and right quick.

Look At All The Happy Creatures

Dr. Paul needs better produced commercials.

This commercial was a fuzzy blur; Dr. Paul was not shown to best advantage. He really needs a better production team.

He needs to pry loose some cash and make a couple of really professional spots that make people say Wow!

Make him stand out!!

This ad is BORING!! Ron Paul needs to STAND OUT from all the other Republicans (and Democrats). These ads need to say he was against the Iraq War from the very beginning and wants to bring the troops home and balance the budget. He wants to promote democracy by example, not by war and he wants the US to be a nation of trade, not imperialism. Hard to mention every issue in 30 seconds, but I hardly think that people really care so much about a national ID card or even the Patriot Act. These aren't things that are on the top of my list or make me lose sleep at night. Spending a trillion dollars to effectively increase the threat of another 911 while increasing the size of government and waste--these things bother me and should be the main points about Ron Paul to pitch.

We need to see high production values that will give us the necessary bang for the buck. This ad is a snoozer. It's not enough to say true things. You gotta say the true things that will matter to people and in a way that will make them remember the ad after they've seen it and when it's time to vote. How about 30 seconds of 3 Shoe Posse? ("Is there a doctor in de house?") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uYrQBJW38U

It was ok, but I've been

It was ok, but I've been most impressed so far with the video the guy made from the photos & reasons to support Dr. Paul from the http://rally.ronpaulplanet.org/ dude, who is a hero for liberty IMO. Everyone who hasn't, please try to get a photo uploaded, it's a LOT easier than rallying out in the Florida sun, I can tell you!! ;)

It's Okay

It's okay, nothing amazing. I admire the effort. But I don't think the song works too well in a 30-second spot. Imagine all the ads that people are seeing from the other campaigns. Does this one stand out? Does this one grab you and make you want to go to Ames?

It's good in that it's getting Dr. Paul's name out there.

I think the grass roots radio ad by Lord Xar was better. It's something to think about in the future. Perhaps the grass roots can do more creatively than the campaign and be more effective in doing it. Just look at the mosaic ad that they're trying to get in the newspaper. That's creative!

wolfe's picture

Radio Ads

The TV ad isn't terribly special, but I like it. What I like more are the radio ads. They are now posted on the main site and are truly excellent! I wish people listening knew that the song was written/sung by a supporter free of charge because of his passion, but if they are interested, they will find that out soon enough.

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