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Who Should Run in 2012? Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson

While it is still early to speculate about who will run against President Obama in 2012, many candidates will make their intentions known by next summer, which is not that far away. We can expect to see politicians like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Tim Pawlenty throw their hats into the ring. What remains to be seen is which of the two big libertarian names will enter the race.

A few years ago it was not that common to know who Ron Paul was. After his presidential run in 2008, Paul became much more well-known (I’m proof!). Gary Johnson seems to be in the position Paul was in 2008. According to an Angus Reid Strategies national poll, approximately 86% of Republicans had yet to form an opinion of him as a presidential candidate as of July 25, 2009. Nevertheless, he has some advantages over Paul. Let’s look at the Pro and Cons of each candidate:

Ron Paul

Pro: Extremely visible (Congressman, Presidential run, many recent media appearances, etc).
Pro: Enthusiastic and mobile following including established national organizations such as the Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty
Pro: Recently expanded support from wider base (Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, etc.)
Pro: Proven Fund Raiser – Set 24 hour fund raising record during last presidential campaign

Con: Age – Would be well into his 70s by the time he was sworn in
Con: Stigma of “no chance” of winning
Con: A Presidential run would continue the focus of the liberty movement on one individual, which is nowhat he desires

Gary Johnson