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War Protest in Milwaukee 12-02-2009

The war protest in Milwaukee last night had a decent turn out, though it was mostly democrats in the crowd of over 150 which which wasn't very surprising to me...there was some talk by the speakers about how the war was using money that could be used for social programs and health care...I was expecting that. I spoke to an old Vietnam veteran from Veterans for Peace and he allowed me to address the crowd. I explained to them that in order to stop the war machine they had to destroy the money machine which meant that they had to join the fight to dismantle the Federal Reserve as well as working against the military industries that provide the means with which wars are fought even if it means there will be job losses. All in all it was sort of reassuring to see that democrats still have the will to fight against these illegal and unconstitutional wars.

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Report from last night....

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– Patrick Henry, speech to the Virginia Convention

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