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Ben Bernanke confirmation hearing tomorrow 12/3/09

So, it looks like Bernanke's confirmation hearing is tomorrow. Should be fun to see Sanders, Demint, and Bunning all grill him. Let's hope these three have an impact, and can persuade others to join their efforts in voting against renominating Bernanke!

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When will people get it through their thick skulls

The Federal Reserve System is a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT not PUBLIC Corp. The hearing is a dog & pony show...nothing else.

A very simple fact

that is hard to believe, because it is SOOOOO bad.

Well the Federal Reserve

Well the Federal Reserve itself is not a private for profit corp. The Federal Reserve is a private institution that can be more seen as a banking cartel for banks in the US. The Federal Reserve makes decisions that allow these banks to make large profits they otherwise wouldn't without the Fed's help. This is why we need an audit of the Fed, and the more Bernanke gets grilled during these hearings the better. People like Sanders and Demint will call him out on the subject, which is why I like seeing what they have to say during these hearings.