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John McLaughlin proclaims best performance by Ron Paul!

John McLaughlin is one of the most respected commentators on TV today. In his opinion, which you will hear at the end of this video, Ron gave the best performance in the debate.

Is it any wonder? It's easy to give a good performance when you are honest, sincere, convicted and correct!


So, let's review our successes:

  • Ron does #1 on MSNBCs poll, and many other polls on the internet
  • He is second in fundraising in NH
  • He gets critical acclaim for his 'performance' in the debate from commentators on both financial and political programs
  • Democrats all over the internet are switching parties so they can vote for Paul in the primary.
  • The blogosphere has literally lit up for Ron with post after post about Ron's successes and conversions

Let's make sure we are ready to keep FOX NEWS honest for the May 15th debates. Here is an address you can use to write them and let them know ahead of time: yourcomments@foxnews.com that we will be watching to see if they report the South Carolina debates in a 'fair and balanced' way. Also, FOX's commentator Dick Morris, proclaimed McCain the winner of the debate when clearly McCain is considered to be finsihed... You can write to Dick and advise him of his fantasies here:


You can attend other candidates venues and talk to the people and hold signs. This has been successful in NH where John McCain has literally no support and the Paul supporters got all the attention.

This article does sum up what we are up against:


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