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Beck just said Ron Paul will be on his show tonite and...

he said something about people signing a petition for hyperinflation. Sounds like he is going to play that Mark Dice video on his show tonite, hahaha.

Here is the thread for the Mark Dice video:

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Tnx for the heads up

Glad RP will get more TV time...

but what are you doing listening to Glenn Beck? Do yourself a favor, and stay away from msm political commentary.... it's a disease

[and GB earns you about as much legitimacy as a lefty liberal whom listens to Olbermann.... absolutely zero].

Someone has to do it

to keep an eye on what he is up to. I'll take the bullet ;)

You mean without Judge Nap? Hmmmmmm


More Free Exposure

This is what we want, free exposure......whether we like him or not.