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Asheville, NC Community Currency possibly backed with a commodity

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"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Asheville rocks.

They had a Liberty dollar FBI bust in this town a couple years ago. The locals are not waiting for the Fed dollars to implode. Very courageous.

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Beer Dollars - Silver and Beer Currency (Serious Not a Joke)

I honestly thought this was a Great Idea. It does not require an individual area to jump start the project...

(I wish I could credit whoever first came up with this idea)

If bars all over the country would start to mint .25 oz or .5 oz silver rounds that have their local bar or area of the country stamped on them. These would become collectable and would still retain their intrinsic silver value.

And bars and restaurants would routinely accept them for a beer or two. So you would have a real money item that would be used in regular commerce at many places. Plus it could be fun to collect the tokens from around the world. If the national manufactures of beer got involved then they could help to have it catch on.

Jason Hamlin at SilverSeek.com actually minted up some rounds to promote this idea. (I am not sure it was his idea originally)

good idea. asheville is the

good idea. asheville is the beer drinkinest town i've ever lived in. there'd be huge demand for them here.