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Thank You, Chris Woltermann [Ohio]

Amazingly the Wall Street Journal published this letter. Thank you, Chris Woltermann.

Karl Rove's column is a blight on the WSJ, but since Murdoch Rupert took over, the neo-cons have hi-jacked the paper, incessantly beating the war drums, with their eyes no fixed on Iran as the next target.

Mr. Rove, What About The Antiwar Right?

Karl Rove's reference to "the antiwar left" misleadingly suggests that all opposition to the Afghan war comes from the left ("Obama Can Win in Afghanistan," op-ed, Dec. 3). What about Rep. Ron Paul from Texas and the readers of The American Conservative and Chronicles?

We're not on the left, and we have a better right to style ourselves conservatives than do the likes of Karl Rove and his former boss.

Chris Woltermann

Ft. Recovery, Ohio

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