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Beware your children: They might be 'Climate Cops'

Company recruits kids to keep records, bust parents for 'energy crimes.'

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The "Climate Cops" website

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You should see Lu and Lou, Safety Patrol

It's a cartoon where two little kids walk around and write people up for safety violations.

If kids did it in real life, they would be told to bugger off every time, but the people in the act like, "Oh, no."

Defend Liberty!

How sad to do this

to young people.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

This shouldn't be a problem for

liberty loving people. I am in control of what my children are learning. If liberty loving people are sending their children to government indoctrination training camps (public school), it is their own fault. Sorry, I really take a stand on this, and will continue to do so, after all, this is a liberty loving forum, is it not? And public school is a socialist governmental agency.

This is exactly why

I pulled my 14 year old out of High School two weeks ago and will home school her.


If you ever need any help or encouragement, I will be glad to help. I have homeschooled 6 children (still doing last 2) since starting in 1984. I am not perfect, just committed. And my adult children thanked me, so I guess I am not a total failure.

If this youth spying catches on...

...I doubt it will be limited to one's own family.

It certainly wasn't with Hitler's youth brigade.

This indoctrination of kids to spy on their parents is scary.

We've already seen how many children will try to wield power over their parents by threatening to turn them in for child abuse.

I'm sure the powers that be know how that works. If this "Climate cops" thing goes over well, will we be seeing something like ~climate hotlines~ too?

I am not a parent

so I dont understand why a parent who is threatened by their child, whom they feed, cloth, house, etc, doesnt take a rod or belt and beat their butt till that child has all that foolishness out of them. I mean if the child is old enough, when they threaten you like that, give them triple the normal whoopen then hand them the phone and tell them to go ahead and call the cops and you will whoop them till the cops get there because you dont want your kids to be a liar on that abuse stuff.

I am not a parent and I want to beat a kid over this.

By the way when I was a little kid maybe four or five, I got spanked for doing some of the "enviromental friendly" suggestions on some tv show, didnt do that again.

Heh, I understand what you mean.

Unfortunately, they don't always make the threat beforehand.

Makes me think of some of the stories about kids turning in their parents for pot.

'Angry teen turns mom in for growing pot'

"...the boy told the deputy he was angry that his mother was trying to discipline him for skipping class and talking back, "and he decided to tell on his mother," the report said."


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Can you say Hitler

I mean Obama

The Bankers Are Coming! The Bankers Are Coming!

Put this up once . . . . just scrolled off the screen. PFFFT!

Didn't anyone see it? Try one more time . . . . . .

The "Climate Cops" website

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks