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Car runs on Air

This five-seater car runs on compressed air, has zero pollution, very low running costs and will cost just over $5,000.


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This make me feel good about sending idiots to tech school.
Thou shalt not steal, gov't hates the competition

I've studied these in the past

cool tech, but not feasible for the US. Cars and glued together and would never pass U.S. safety standards. They have to be ultralight to work. Cars just can't be made that light and safe at the same type w/o very expensive exotic materials. The perpetual motion part at the end in utter nonsense. Car is cool, but has limited appeal. The Mexican gov. ordered some of these to use as taxis in their smog-filled cities. Not a practical alternative to IC engines, at least not yet. Also have to look into what you are using to compress the air.


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make and sale in a single state

Gets you out of Federal government interference. have a plant in each state.

Ice Car

I remember seeing a car in the arctic (Alaska or Canada) that was powered by air pressure that was created by water freezing. You fill up part of the tank with water, the water expands, and the resulting air pressure was used to power a car. If I remember right, it would only go a couple of miles at a pretty slow speed.

I thought it was pretty cool that it worked at all. This idea might be used with a small turbine to generate electricity using water in places where it's below freezing. Or, you could use it to compress air for running air tools directly.

I say this about two years ago

There's a company in New York that is planning to manufacture this technology. I agree this may not be practical for automobiles. However, this would be a terrific technology for use by golfcarts. We use a lot of electric and propane golfcarts at my company, and this should be a lot safer and more environmentally friendly to use indoors and on golf courses.

i'm sure after a while that

i'm sure after a while that this technology can grow to suit other needs...

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Compressing air is inefficient, read expensive.

Compressing air is inefficient, read expensive.

Energy to drive the vehicle comes for a electric generating plant. Maybe a windmill or water wheel.

If it were a viable technology we would see it on fork trucks in warehouses, replacing battery trucks.

All for freedom? Freedom for all!

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Someone's a crackpot...

Near the end of the video it was touting a perpetual motion machine.

Yeah, this is bogus. It said

Yeah, this is bogus. It said the compressor to compress the air ran on compressed air. In order to compress the air you need an engine or dynamo of some sort which run on fuel or electricity and electricity comes from burning fuels. I mean, the idea of running a car on compressed air can work but it isn't going to result in a net reduction of emissions.

They put this stuff out to keep the green earthers thinking that some amazing, simple, cheap technology is going to replace petroleum so they keep pushing the global warming agenda and voting for research funding for green fuels.

Hey rp1,

In fact, the video narrator makes the 'perpetual motion' comment and not the scientists. Additionally, I feel that you take his comment out of context and your 'crackpot' comment is typical of inverted thinkers.

The video looks well put together and I'm definitely intrigued by the air powered automobile which is introduced.

Have you researched Dr. Robert Beck yet? Figure it out.

Google Video - search: "suppressed medical discovery"


Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

It was a crackpot comment to lure in unsuspecting investors.

All for freedom? Freedom for all!

Free includes debt-free!


Of course a perpetual motion machine is not possible, except for God, since there needs be some source of energy. Take for example the barometric clock that rewinds itself indefinitely from small variations in air pressure.
What needs be done is to develop a machine that is able to capture the electromagnetic radiation all around us before it escapes into space.

Electromagnetic energy from the earth.

Why not just capture the energy directly from the environment?


Although the Sun illuminates the Earth with an enormous amount of electromagnetic radiation, the Earth radiates exactly the same amount of electromagnetic energy into space!

Tesla suggested doing this and getting electricity directly from the environment when he worked for Westinghouse.
A changing magnetic field produces an electric field (this is the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, the basis of operation for electrical generators, induction motors, and transformers). Similarly, a changing electric field generates a magnetic field.
The question he got from the executives that shut down his research was; "But where do we put the meter?".

good post

the video said $15,000 for the car...

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge


The title of the article should be "car runs on whatever source of energy is used to run the compressor that compresses the air that is pumped into the car. That source may or may not be polluting."

I agree.

This article didn't mention the cost of running an air compressor. It would take a high pressure, high volume compressor to accomplish this. These type compressors make the electric meter spin fast. It still could be less expensive than gas. It would be expensice for toe bills, because it would be very hard to find a compressor handy. I'v got it! Carry along a hand pump. That was simple!@#$


Another video

with some answers to your questions: