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The Myth of Neutral Peer-Review Exploded

I agree with Gary North that the biggest aspect of "Climategate" is the revelations that the "scientists", who were busy politically pushing their theory rather than engaging in an actual scientific process, SEVERELY UNDERCUT the idea of neutral peer-review.

North states: "The details of the science are beyond you and me. So are the details of just about everything. The world is complex and growing more complex. What we do understand is deliberate chicanery by experts with a political agenda."

I wholeheartedly agree. These people killed their credibility in a complex world by blatantly turning their actions into propaganda rather than science.

Another thing that I recall from various 9/11 debates is the same call to "show me the peer-reviewed studies" from those backing the "official story". The Climategate issue throws a significant wrench into this argument related to key political issues as it calls into significant question the objectivity and neutrality of those peers who would be performing the review.

Here is the entire North article:

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I do think it is significant.... however, I think that

unfortunately, the general population no longer even understands what the "rules" of science USED to be..... so they don't see how this affects (or should affect) "trust" in science or lack thereof. Science was bought by government so long ago that the public either believes every hairbrained theory out there, or believes nothing. And they have no ability to discern how to tell the difference.

These crooked scientists have made it impossible to determine good science from bad in the methods that used to guarantee impartiality. VERY bad!

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Anyone see this as meaningful as I do?


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