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Schiff 40%, Dodd 39% ; Simmons 48%, Dodd 35%; McMahon 44%, Dodd 38%

Movin on up!



2001 Senate (trends)
Simmons 48%, Dodd 35% (chart)
McMahon 44%, Dodd 38%
Schiff 40%, Dodd 39% (chart)

Favorable / Unfavorable
Chris Dodd: 40 / 58 (chart)
Chris Simmons: 48 / 30
Linda McMahon: 45 / 35
Peter Schiff: 35 / 31


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This is definitely good

This is definitely good news. But don't get excited yet. Schiff still needs to win the primary. And to do that, he has to focus on Connecticut Republican voters and issues that they are interested in and will win them over.

Amen People! I thought I was

Amen People!
I thought I was alone on this. If I lived in Connecticut I would volunteer everyday, however, I am all the way across the country and can only participate in fundraising and internet activism...Extremely early in the morning I posted an idea I had about a money bomb on New Years.
Check it out if ya want:

Went through the site of McMahon and Simmons

The good news:

The current front runner Simmons looks and talks like the political hack that he is. Also getting endorsements from neo-cons the likes of Jeb Bush wont help in the long run. Also I think he wont have the money to compete with McMahon. I expect him to drop in the new polls as McMahon has started her aggressive campaign.

Simmons isnt likely to beat Dodd as he is much the same. His entire career is in politics and he has been extending bureaucracy in Washington in Orwellian agencies like Homeland Security.

The bad news:

Linda McMahon's adds are from good to excellent. She is saying all the right things and very convincingly. She clearly understands business and if she would do the things she says she would be a very good choice. I think she still is better than Simmons or Dodd. Also bad for Schiff is that McMahon has the money to compete till the bitter end. Also her acting career in WWE has made her very comfortable in front of the camera that will help her in debates.

Summa summarum:

I think Peter needs to realize that with hopelessly out-dated web sites and though-to-find updates (type Peter Schiff to google or google video and his youtube channel is not on the first page) with poor video quality and no-script-shoot-from-the-hip rhetorics wont do it for the average primary voter. He needs professional adds that are run in TV. And "I told you so", or "I was right" kind of messages don't typically resonate with people who are about to lose their house or job. Also even tough I agree with him on the gold bull market I again think that is too much for the primary voter to understand - most don't even know what fractional reserve banking means.

I agree RP was a long shot but I think the campaign made too many mistakes with the funds that were raised - with better focus a couple of primaries should have been won eg in Nevada. The campaign itself was run by semi-professionals and grassroots really carried the campaign as far as it went (and considering his off-stream positions I think it was a grand success). But Peter must learn from these mistakes and win.

Dear DP,

He is not a long shot. A long shot was for Paul to win in 08. Dont discount the logic and accuracy Schiff has made so far.

We are within reasonable striking distance. Dont loose sight of the goal line.

Schiff is unpredictable. He is always logical. He knows what he says before he says it... Schiff is the true wild card. He wont play to us.. or typical politics.

Weve already learned from him... I would suggest, judging his family background, he may have a few angles of his own.

I support him 100%. Chris Dodd losing to him would inspire this movement much more than Stossel going to FOX.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Dear Mr. Schiff...

Would you mind updating your supporters? Dont expect money if you havent updated your site in months....

Otherwise, Im on your side. Just earn those dollars from us.



'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Latest poll on the CT primary & urgency of volunteering

Quinniapac has one that's few weeks old


At that poll Schiff was at 5% whereas Simmons has 28% and McMahon at 17%.

I still think Schiff is a long shot with this level of funding. He needs to raise at least 3 to 4 million to even compete or spend his own money. Also he mentioned in one of his videos that he was expecting more volunteers.

If we want Schiff and Rand Paul to win the grassroots needs to be activated as was done with Ron Paul - meaning volunteering, making videos, slim-jims, several moneybombs, even blimps.

The US (and for that matter western world) wont survive another 6 years with the likes of Dodd or Simmons in the Senate. Obama needs to have a tougher time in making nominations like Helicopter-Ben Bernanke or making plans to attack Iran or Pakistan for-what-ever-reason the false-flag-apparatus-that-is-his-administration will come up with.

Peter and Rand (and also the likes of Jim DeMint even Bernie Sanders) will and can object not only in the senate floor but also in TV as Senators are very though to ignore. And if we ever want a decent man (or woman) for a president Senate is a crucial stepping stone.

My experience has been that

My experience has been that scientific polls are usually correct. Here in Connecticut Peter appeared on "Face the State". McMahon has been running TV and radio ads, she has also sent out numerous mailings. Simmons is well known from his time in Congress. The latest polls are encouraging but Peter has to hit the airwaves.

Damn Peter Schiff is on the tube

constantly, he's pretty easy to find online also. I think these polls are BS
If your a RP person what on Gods earth gives you any faith in polls ?
Remember 2008, the election, the primaries..short memories..

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Well, I don't live in

Well, I don't live in Connecticut so I don't know how many people living in Connecticut know about Schiff. I do agree think that most polls are BS but I think as they are scaled down (national to state to local) I think the error also decreases. Look at the presidential polls that only use a thousand people or less. Yes, those are BS. However, I think there are some good indications to be found in polls like these. If you take a look at polls of the CT senate race over the past few months, Schiff has done increasingly well. Just don't take these to heart

I need to get my act

I need to get my act together so I can put in some campaign time for Peter. He has a great system set up so that you can help him while at your pc or over the phone!

Ventura 2012


i wish i lived in CT so i could vote for him!