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Honduras anti-drug chief gunned down ( by CIA?)

Unknown gunmen have shot dead Honduras' anti-drug trafficking chief in the Central American nation's capital, Tegucigalpa, just two months before his retirement.

Former army General Julian Aristides Gonzalez, the director general of the national office for combating drug trafficking, was driving alone after dropping his daughter at school when two assailants on a motorcycle opened fire, police said on Tuesday.

No arrests have been made yet and investigators are trying to determine a motive behind the incident.

Only a day before his assassination, Aristides had presented a dismal report about drug trafficking through Honduras.

He had voiced concern about the number of landing strips that traffickers use in Honduras, warning land owners of facing drug smuggling charges.

Honduras has long been seen as a major transit route for drugs smuggled from South to North America. It also has the highest murder rate in the region.

The incident comes as Honduras struggles with a political crisis that has mired the nation since June, when President Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a military coup.

Zelaya has been residing at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa since his return to the country from exile in September.

At the end of November, Honduras held a presidential election, based on a Washington-brokered deal to end the coup-hit country's political stalemate.

Most Latin American countries have condemned the poll results, which saw Porfirio Lobo elected as the next leader. He is due to take office on January 27.