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"Government permission" is not needed to defend yourself: "God given rights" confuse Disney hosts

"Government permission" is not needed to defend yourself: "God given rights" confuse Disney hosts
LA County Libertarian Examiner

Billy Dean Riley, pictured in a 2005 mug shot, was killed Dec 4th in Oklahoma by a 57 year homeowner

A 57 year old woman in Oklahoma shot and killed a 53 year old intruder with a 16-gauge shotgun last week, while on the phone with the 9/11 operator.

This dramatic incident has mainstream media pundits engaged in tortured debates about "whether the government gives us permission" to defend ourself. KABC Los Angeles radio hosts recently discussed this story and debated whether the woman was in the right: "If the 9/11 (operator) tells you in so many words it's OK to defend yourself doesn't that let you off the hook?" one asks, continuing, "..you called 911. they are now the authority.. The law may be on her side, there is law in that state that allows you to defend yourself."

They then had a caller who pointed out that "government persimission" is not needed to defend life and limb:

"Hello Martin, you're with Frosty Heidi and Frank on 790."

Caller: "Hey guys, I just wanted to point out, We don't need the government's permission to defend ourself. Our rights are God given rights and any law... 'supposed law' to the contrary is not even valid."

"uuuhhh.. You lost me.", the hosts replied.

The caller continued:

"No- Any law that infringes on our rights is not valid. Forty years ago they said there's no interracial marriage. That was a law. Was that valid? You think that was a valid law? No, a lot of these laws are nonsense. They sterilized people for years- that's not valid, ya know?

Here is a link with the full story and complete 9/11 call. Here is an OK news report.

youtube: God given rights" confuse Disney hosts

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'law allows' fatal shot, according to ''official''.(?)

The district attorney has announced that no charges will be filed against the honeowner, Donna Jackson, who is the daughter of a local police chief. Interesting that the news report headlines reads

"Law allows fatal shot, Lincoln County official says -NO CHARGES IN LINCOLN COUNTY DEATH"

Law allows? In others words the implication is that it is necessary for government to pass a ''law'' in order to give permission, and 'allow' a woman to shoot an intruder., and that the so-called "official'' is the arbiter of the decision.