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A question or 2 for people who live outside the US..

How bad are things, in terms of loss of liberty, where you live?

Overall do you still have freedom left?

I know from my many travels it seems a lot of other places have more liberty than here.

Just curious.



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Anybody else?

Any Irish or Greeks on here?



Europe is so deep in the mud, they don't even know 'liberty'

if she bites them in the a**.

(just remembering, I live in the US now)

Australia is the

Australia is the quintiessential nanny state. Not overtly oppressive but everything is regulated - for your own good, of course. For example, whereas the US has one minimum wage (which is bad enough), Australia has hundreds of "Awards" wherein every bloody job you can think of has its own minimum wage - and even grade levels within each job, such as a motel cleaner who uses chemical cleaners gets paid more than one who just folds sheets and vacuums floors. The notion that wages should be determined by the marketplace is utterly foreign to the vast majority of Aussies.

When a nutcase killed over 30 people quite a few years ago in Tasmania the government, under Howard, the Liberal (same as Republican) Prime Minister, effectively took people's guns away. Now there is a byzantine process one must go through to get a gun and even then you are very limited in what you can have.

Now the Labour Party (like Democrats) under PM Rudd have copied the US with massive bailouts and Rudd, who is Obama's mini-me just as Howard was to Bush, is hellbent on passing a Cap and Trade tax (called an Emissions Trading Scheme).

And both Liberals and Labour support US imperialism around the world.

The only thing keeping Australia from going down the tubes is China buying amsive amounts of mining resources. As soon as China's own stimulus policies collapse in failure and it can no longer afford Australia's resources, Australia's welfare state will become clearly insolvant and things will get very nasty here indeed.



Even then, guns have to be kept at "gun clubs" for the most

part. If you live "on the land", you might be able to get a gun if you come up with a good enough reason. Can't have pepper spray to protect yourself and, really, carrying a stick while out for a walk could lead someone to calling the cops. The best yet is how Anna Bligh tried to outlaw glasses in pubs because some people have used them as weapons.

As far as the economy goes, Australians are in denial. There are "For Lease" signs everywhere in my city and empty industrial estates. It's not as bad as the US... yet, but it's coming. Like marlow said, once the Chinese stop buying Aussie dirt, it's over.

The healthcare system (socialist/universal) is a mess. I just paid my electricity bill and, with that, my mandatory $26 "ambulance levy" to help fund the emergency services. The same ambulances that take people to emergency rooms that have insufficient staff and beds due to cost cuts and central planning.

But still... it's not Dubai.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Thank you all for your responses...

It is always interesting to hear first hand what is going on in other countries.



Sweden is

Going downhill, just like the US. More support here for Global Warming and less for wars in comparison.
Much new laws just like the US that restrict freedom and with our membership in the EU and the new Lisbon Treaty, perhaps Sweden exist in name only. It will likely go in the wrong direction.
We could us a Ron Paul here as well.
I think it is pretty similar in most European countries.
Some things are are not so bad it seems as not so much move towards a police state, yet.


Front Fell Off

Mike, is there a liberty movement in Sweden???

any Sven Pauls?? :)



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