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Got on a conference call with Tom McClintock

He spoke of the constitutionality of having to vote for war via Congress, and how important it is to follow the Constitution. If I could have spoken, I would have reminded him that he voted to give Arnold Palmer a gold medal and placed a direct tax on the banks bonuses. Both unconstitutional. He had a poll on Afghanistan from the listeners. 30% supported getting out right now. 10 percent is cool with the troop level increase, and 60% want a major increase to come in and wipe it out.

I had many questions:

Nobody in this call is asking why did they attack us in the first place?

What is the mission? What does a "win" in Afghanistan look like?

He claims that the Taliban is the agent that trained Al Queda. I would have asked him about France, Germany and the US who trained them as well?

This guy was a Ron Paul endorsed Republican. I mean, WTF???

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Well He was one of the first

Well He was one of the first congressmen to cosponsor Ron Paul's audit the fed bill.

We are lucky he won against Charlie Brown a war family Democrat and Doug Osie a complete neo-con.

Endorsed McCain

McClintock endorsed McCain prior to the Republican primaries.

He's the closest GOP elected to RP in CA

and that is a crime really. I don't blame the Democrats, because the CAGOP with Arnold and Reagan and Nixon ... I love my state and really wish we had better representation..

Then again... if it's going to be a NWO... Arnold in the leader