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Ron Paul on MSNBC Super Tuesday

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Love the sign they used at the end

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Pretty good

Just before I posted this I thought I would mention that Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, but I see my DP friends have brought that out. My what smart people.

She was very good - respectful - and let him talk. I think Greenspan likes Ron Paul and would probably vote for him. There are a lot of windbags on capital hill, but Ron isn't one of them and neither is Greenspan. These are tough cookies and there is mutual respect, despite disagreement.

But the main point is how does internet support translate into votes? That is the big question. We will find out some answers this Saturday.

I suspect the person who reads this knows that it is essential to register as a Republican and vote for RP in the primaries, but this message needs to be carried to those who may not know.

Andrea Mitchel

Isnt she married to Alan Greenspan? Former Federal Reserve Chairman... Thats actually funny....

It is funny. Perhaps it is

It is funny.
Perhaps it is just me, but I have noticed respect toward Ron Paul from Andrea Mitchell. I sense that the source of the respect has come from her husband.
After all Greenspan knows that RP is the only Congressman who understands Federal Reserve Bank. I have seen myself (on CNBC) how RP trapped him several times in the congressional hearings.

Greenspan is a closet gold bug, which sold his soul to the bankers. I am sure though that he holds fruits of his labor in the form of gold.