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I just enjoyed a Coca-Cola from Mexico..

It was damn good....much better than "American Coca-Cola"

What does this have to do with Liberty?

Well, as I learned from The Revolution: A Manifesto, because of sugar quotas (anti-free markets), the price of sugar rose and as a result Coke (Pepsi, et al)switched to high fructose corn syrup, instead of cane sugar.

The result? Government intervention leads to an inferior product.

I have actually gotten people to open their eyes a "smidge" by bringing up the insanity of sugar quotas in an alleged "free market."





Thank-you for the video stillwater.

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Ah, ha! Recycling centers

Ah, ha! Recycling centers DON'T give the full refund! I thought that was going on. That's been going on for, what, a decade or so? I'm in California and I think it's been at least a decade where we're ripped off getting our 5 or 10 cents back. Big Business and Big Government -- suck!

Let's do what the guy in the video does: help each other, buy each other's products, grow our businesses, push the big boys out of the picture. I buy from you, you buy from me. We enlarge our business by buying from each other. Forget the fascist fat cats.

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Pepsi has a new product

Well, it's been out for a while - just not available at all stores. It is called Pepsi "Throwback" - it is not made with high fructose corn syryp but made with REAL sugar...
You can go on line to find out where that brand of pepsi might be found. I drive appx. 45 miles to buy mine...
You can tell a difference in the taste - the real suger is more mellow (to my taste buds anyway)..

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They now sell Mexican Coke in the big brand stores

Our usual grocery stores have it now. It seems silly to bottle and import it (it still costs $2 a bottle) vs. Coke itself just bottling a more expensive but domestically produced sugar version.

This would suggest that they may not even be allowed to not use corn domestically.

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I use to buy it one once in a while

until I discovered Trader Joe's Cola.
It comes in a glass bottle also and tastes pretty close to Coca-Cola.

Trader Joe's

Sells several cane sugar sodas, all of them excellent: Reed's Ginger Brew (my favorite), Virgil's Root Beer, Vintage Orange Cream Soda, and more.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Love the Virgil's Orange Cream Soda

I downloaded a few recipes to try to make my own soda..but so far I haven't come up with one I like.

Coca Cola if your reading

Coca Cola if your reading this if you were to make a organic non GMO Coke you would sell Cokes like you would not believe!:)


And they are now attempting to improve their image. But I hope it's a little too late for that. They had their chance to do some good for a long time, but they conscientiously chose to serve shiit.

Wish people on here could see that this NWO company actually SUCKS and many others could make a better, healthier product for half the price and the money wouldn't be going to NWO interests.

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Kosher Coke always sells out

Kosher Coke always sells out fast where I'm at. It's kinda like the first days when a new iPhone comes out. People love there Coke. It's funny one of my Jewish friends Grandfather is my hook up:) he always saves me a few 2 liters.

I've shopped at Galco's.

Not a classy place -- Outside, it looks like a grungy liquor store in a slightly grungy neighborhood Inside, it's just a big empty room with ancient shelves and tables, some sodas just in cardboard boxes on the floor. But they do have some truly excellent sodas. That cucumber soda he mentioned -- (Mr. Q Cumber) yum. If you don't live nearby, you can order from them online. Their website here.

I don't drink much soda any more, and none with HFCS, but when I'm in the mood for a GOOD soda, this is the place to shop for quality and variety.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Was thinking of your post

Was thinking of your post today when I got my first soda (dr. Pepper) in about a week (I'm on paleo). Had to go look up if Dublin Dr. Pepper is still available from a soda dealer. It still is but its under the DP name:

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I haven't had a soda in years!

But, I still look for sugar coke at the stores. Haven't found any yet, but still gonna look. Would like to keep a case for when company comes.
Coca-Cola is also fantastic for cleaning bugs off windshield while on the road.

The choices in the video are fantastic!
Here's Calco's Soda Pop Stop Web site: http://www.sodapopstop.com/home.cfm

I buy a case of this stuff

I buy a case of this stuff every time i see it. The taste is noticeably better.

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Here's a vid we did called "Why is there corn in your coke?"

I have a little pro-liberty media production company and here's a video we did on this very topic for our client learnliberty.org


Our company:

HFCS Blues

I like water, I like coke, I like anything to wet my throat, but I have a limit to what I slurp down, when HFCS comes around. I started reading labels real close, and reject the ones with HFCS the most! Hope that does not cause any strife, I just think it saves my life! Loved the SODAPOPSTOP rundown! Wish there was one in every town.



I really enjoyed that video.

I really enjoyed that video. Thank you for posting it.

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Hecho en Mexico, Hecho en Waco

Yes, Mexican coke is bad to the bone delicious. It's also more Eco-friendly because it's contained in a glass bottle. My husbands aunt has a Mexican coke machine, in fact (we live in Tejas) and it's the most refreshing coke in all the land.

On another note, I highly recommend Dublin Dr. Pepper, you might not be able to find it in the original label (b/c Dr. Pepper sued them which is laughable) but it's also made from cane sugar and is the most delicious Dr. Pepper you will ever drink. Bush's chicken in Waco actually has it as their fountain soda.

Yes, sugar quotas should be abolished, high fructose corn syrup is man-made chemicals.....aka poison.

Excellent topic!

But the question is

Do you trust Coke made in Mexico? Yeah, there are no Hfc's, but what about industry standards down there? Lead ? Sanitized? Whats the quality of all the other components that make up a coke?

Lead in rocks

There's more radon and lead in the rocks below your house than anything that would kill you in a coke (unless highly World Health Org. style tainted.) Mexican coke has been around for years, their bottled drinks like Jarritos are very popular and aren't as "soda-y" as the American stuff we drink....

My ruling: safe, unless you're overly food conscious, like you won't at something off the ground if you drop it. And yes, I would. ;)


The food nazi's still won't

The food nazi's still won't be happy.

But doesn't pepsi sell a sugar version now in 7-11?


They have a brand called Pepsi "Throwback". Ive only seen it in the 24 pack variety. Ironically it costs the same as the regular stuff.

I quit drinking soda a year

I quit drinking soda a year ago.

It's been an off and on battle.

But the sugar Pepsi did not taste that great to me.

But maybe it's just habit

and lol @ someone voting down my food nazi reference.

I'm just getting kind of sick of people on here preaching about food and GMO's.

God it gets old. I don't know what these people eat or drink.

Sugar is better than GMO HFCS, but Monsatno still makes most of

the other chemicals used to make coke, pepsi, etc. and should be avoided.

I experienced the same thing

I experienced the same thing in Puerto Rico, the snickers and twix bars are way better then here in the mainland.

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No doubt Mexi-Coke is better

No doubt Mexi-Coke is much better than our stuff.

Not to be a buzz kill, but sugar is sugar, and it's something to go light on.

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The Mexico coke is much

The Mexico coke is much better. I can't stand our coke.

Rofl, I'm sorry if you were

Rofl, I'm sorry if you were making an on topic comment, but I couldn't help but imagine that comment outside of context. I'd raise a couple eyebrows if I said that in a grocery store...