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The Blimp Will Fly!

From the blimp site:

The blimp will fly!!

Thanks to everyone for your for support in reaching our first goal of $200,000, the blimp will fly for the Tea Party! As a next step, we need to receive $400,000 in total sponsorships by December 21st to keep the blimp in the air through the New Hampshire primaries. Please sponsor the full Ron Paul Blimp Tour now!


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This video was fun!

Others have a boring old RV, but Ron Paul has a BLIMP!


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Who's cryin now

I dont hear Ghouliani chuckling at the debates anymore, he must be wondering why nobody flew banners or painted yachts for him. Now wait till the scoffers get a load of the blimp, and the double whammy will be the tea party donations. I think the whole repug crew will very soon be playing catch-up and it couldnt happen to a bigger bunch of losers. So Rudy, laugh clown laugh, or the tears of a clown when no press is around.

Blimp Effect

Patience, the decals are not even on The Blimp yet.

Blimp should be great...

Although I am disappointed that, with all of the news about the blimp in the past day or two, there seems to have been ZERO impact on either the Tea Party donor list curve, or on the campaign donation curve at RonPaulgraphs.com.

The same thing happened (or failed to happen) with the Lepard USA Today ad (no apparent impact on fundraising). I guess, for whatever reason, this sort of news does not translate into an immediate increase in donations, although these things certainly do draw attention to the campaign and give us great press. Probably it just takes some time.

The blimp donations should be fine. Dec 21 is 13 days away, and we're at 230,000 now, so we need to raise 170,000 in 13 days. That's only about 15,000 dollars a day. And we've been going at well above this rate.

Once the blimp gets out with the Ron Paul signs and starts flying, and the ronpaulblimp.com links start clicking in, it should fund itself with no problems.

I think we need to focus on Dec 16th, but also on the various canvassing chipin PACs, and the other NH and Iowa related stuff.

No Place for Dirty Tactics

"If someone expressing an opinion in an attempt to persuade someone else reminds you of socialism then you either need some counseling or to study up on socialism."

Personally I think a lot of us could use some re-education on these words. We've become so accustomed to having words like marxist, socialist, racist, etc. being casually tossed about like credible arguments that we're starting to do it to ourselves. Remember that the enemy feeds on dissention so let's not feed that monster. Unified we'll win, divided we'll lose. I appreciate everyone who supports Ron Paul and will respectfully allow you to disagree with me and I hope you do the same. That being said I feel that the Blimp is a huge benefit to Ron Paul at this stage of the campaign. All of the top tier candidates have had more visibility, more press and more big-name support because of their previous pursuits. We need this blimp to level out the playing field. I donated to both and will continue to do so. It's gotten great medai already and it's another way to get Ron Paul's name out there to the masses.

Tucker Carlson spoke highly of Ron Paul and the Blimp

On MSNBC yesterday (Friday) Tucker made a point to discuss Ron Paul's campaign and the blimp. It appears also that some candidates are questioning the lawfulness of being able to advertise in this fashion.

It's interesting how some of these so-called top tier candidates are reacting to Ron Paul.
Senator McCain attacked Ron during the YouTube debate by trying to blame Ron Pauls ideas for the rise of Nazi Germany. McCain is turning into a real crackpot.

The rest of the candidates continue to bicker against one another over religion and morality...what about genuine ideas and vision for our nation?

Go Ron Paul.
The tortise defeated the hare...there are a lot of rabbits.

I thought the rise of Nazi Germany was more complicated

The rise of Nazi Germany's been attributed to many things, but I was leaning toward the international community over-penalizing Germany for WWI, causing a victimized and nationalistic attitude to prevail during hard economic times. Thanks McCain for simplifying it..it's just Ron Paul's fault.

Defend Liberty!

Nationalism in Germany is

Nationalism in Germany is not a consequense of WW1 granted however nationalism is a catalyst for without it people are not willing to sacrifice themself for the mere concept that is a nation.

Nationalism is an intended effect of government schooling.

It's December 21st

J Hill

Many of the people writing comments have not read the blog carefully. The deadline is 12/21, not 12/31 or 1/1/08. I think this is the best method of getting the word out about Ron Paul that I have seen. It is more effective than mailers, phone calls from Mrs Paul (with due respect), or even TV commercials. It should receive priority funding. Please folks, donate and keep this bird flying.

J Hill

Wish I had a video clip of it

but I just watched on Fox news a full 30 second story about the blimp launching monday, and showed both sides and messages. Just another wave in the begining of the RP media tsunami!

Good news about the Blimp!

I hadn't pledged to donate to the blimp before, but I think I will give now. The positive press gained alone might be worth it.


It looks good.

Ron Paul Blimp on CNN

I saw the Blimp on CNN (Wolf Blitzer) today- even if it doesn't fly, its already getting coverage.


More Blimps!!!!

We need MORE blimps!!!

An AERIAL ARMADA of Ron Paul blimps!!!!!

Make the other candidates fight in the shadow of the Ron Paul blimp Armada!!!!!

Let the sun never set on Ron Paul blimps!!!!


a ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahahaha!

Oh the Humanity!

theyre already planning

theyre already planning another smaller blimp for east coast
24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

Please stop this insanity.

Blimping for Ron Paul. We shall spread the blimps to the far corners of this earth.

Embed this?

You could embed this....they say he's honest and serious and people are hungry for a real person.

Tucker claims there is no infrastructure but there is!
Ron just has super super volunteers.


Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

New Graph Suggestion

Rather than plotting dollars donated, I suggest plotting time purchased.

Why the unmaxed out should support the blimp

#1 There's an entire 11 months left to max out.
#2 There's 14 days to ensure the blimp stays up.
#3 38,000 donated at 11/5. That's $11 dollars a head to keep in the sky.

The amount we are talking about is a drop in the bucket. We are already on track to beat the 12/31 goal early.

IF this donation money is

IF this donation money is coming from people who have already maxed out, then do whatever with your money that you want. IF it's coming from people that have not maxed out then it is, I think, a very bad idea. Why would you take money away from the campaign to run commercials and the like?

Zachary Hensley
Philosophy Dept
University of Iowa

My money is not the

My money is not the campaign's money until I hand it over to them. I'm not taking money away from anyone except myself if I decide to participate with the blimp or any other non-campaign activity. The implication behind your question gives me the same feeling get when I hear socialists talk about taxes. It's my money, don't imply that I'm hurting Ron Paul because I haven't opened my bank account to him.

I do get your point, I don't mean to pick on you. Just don't forget the principals we're fighting for here.

Some of you people really

Some of you people really amaze me. I see so many people throw terms around like socialism and marxism that it is apparent that they haven't a clue of what they are talking about.

If someone expressing an opinion in an attempt to persuade someone else reminds you of socialism then you either need some counseling or to study up on socialism.

Zachary Hensley
Philosophy Dept
University of Iowa

Missing the point

I believe the point is that we are individuals capable of making our own decisions. It is nobody's place to tell anyone else on this site where to donate their money. It is their money. If they want to support the blimp, that is fine. If they want to participate the Tea Party, that is fine.

This goes for you too. If you want to support the Tea Party instead of the blimp, then more power to you. But please don't push your personal opinion on others.

This is the best campaign ever!

It's been killing me $$. But it feels great so many of us are working so hard for the greater good of supporting Ron Paul in the quest to restore our country to a Republic.

Independent polls

It has become crystal clear that polls are being rigged by the MSM and other organizations to deliberately minimize the level of support for Ron Paul. This explains the very large discrepancy between the straw polls and local and national polls undertaken by large media organizations. The objective is to discourage Ron Paul supporters and to leave potential supporters with the mistaken impression that Ron Paul does not stand a chance. This is a very serious issue because it goes to the heart of a "free press" in a democracy.

To counter the rigged polls, the next major initiative of the Ron Paul revolution should be to raise funds to have fair and transparent polls undertaken by a credible and independent polling firm.

Simpsons Did It

Well, Alex Jones did it:

He covered it a few (maybe 3) of his radio shows. I was hoping to find an article about how Zogby's press release obfuscated the results and made Guliani seem like the winner, but couldn't. Jones paid for the poll and Zogby said its was one of the most fair and neutral polls they've ever done.

I really like this idea.

My only concerns are how to get the results out there when we know the media will try to ignore it and hwo to make it look unbias. Even though it will be less bias than any other poll, it will be painted as a ron paul sponsered poll.

Rigged Polls

I agree that there is no simply way to undertake an unbiased poll. And you are right that even if such a poll was carried out by an independent group not tied to the Ron Paul campaign, it would be ignored in the same way that the straw poll results are being ignored. The best solution would be for an third-person, independent polling group, say one associated with a university or an institute or a major independent paper, to come forward in the interest of truth and fairness, and carry out an unbiased poll.

One of the consequences of the Ron Paul candidacy is that no informed person will ever again trust the MSM or the poll results. The MSM and polling firms have taken a major hit in terms of credibility and democracy will be a lot better for it. The 2008 election has finally broken the monopoly of the MSM.