Jan Mickelson on WHO1040 Iowa on Vote Fraud

Albert sends the following:

Here's an interesting discussion on the voting machines in Iowa. The GOP representative referred to Dr. Paul as a "1% candidate."

Listen to the podcast and post a comment.

"The Iowa Straw Poll vote is open to machine-based vote fraud, says Jim Condit Jr and Bob Schultz. "Nonsense" says Iowa Republican Party Ex-Director Chuck Laudner. "Professor Doug Jones, election fraud expert from University of Iowa evaluates current technology."

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Can't be sour grapes..........

However the poll works out, we have to avoid the sour grape syndrome at all costs, because we know the media would love to cast the Paul supportes as angry misfits anyway. I'm not familiar with straw polls, but any poll that charges a fee to vote in kindof stinks anyway, especially when people have their fee paid for them by a candidate (including us). I guess this is a fun exercise in politics. Is there any way the Paul team could get a good estimated tally of his votes at the poll exits without being too vocal about our distrust with diebolt and the party machine?

alan laney

If the people don't start

If the people don't start letting their feelings known early about these machines the primaries will be upon us before we know it.

By then it will be too late to complain.

There's an old saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil." And if these people don't like hearing from all these squeaky wheels, they just need to do the right thing. That's the bottom line.

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And you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

The squeaky well may get the grease, but it will still be the first one replaced.

Keep on fighting, keep on struggling instead of persuading and watch how fast the campaign implodes.

This is too important for any of our egos to get involved.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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This REALLY needs to stop.

Too much time, energy and concern is being placed into this issue. Even if fraud does occur, do you think anyone will care when we say it? No, if we lose, for whatever reason, we need to accept it gracefully and work even harder.

It is a straw poll! Not an election. Many straw polls even allow ballot stuffing. So we really need to get over this. If we win, great. If we lose, say congratulations to the winner and work harder next time!

It will set us back tremendously if any of us starts screaming fraud simply because we are unhappy with the result!

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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What is it that needs to stop?

This is a very educational program, IMHO. Listen, get informed. Don't close your ears and eyes to very real problems that exist.

I think it is highly irresponsible to tell people they need to stop - stop what?

One thing that the Campaign has asked of us - Don't call the GOP. That is the Campaign's official position. Please don't call the GOP. I don't know if anyone on this program advocates that - I haven't heard it.

But listen, learn, spread the word and try to figure out a way to get rid of these black box voting systems. Yes we need to support Ron Paul, and as far as I can tell, we're all doing that.

He's the man.

I'm confused...are you the

I'm confused...are you the official voice of Ron Paul's campaign? Or just someone who is voicing their opinion like the rest of us.

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Read the letter from the campaign.

The official voice of the campaign told you to stop, if you cared to read the letter. I am just a supporter, with an opinion, an opinion supported by that letter.

I am apparently not going to get across the importance of cooperation and persuasion to some who are reading. I only hope the message reaches enough to matter.

To the other person, there is nothing wrong with being informed. There is something wrong with pitching a fit. Thousands of calls to the Iowa GOP, was pitching a fit. The official campaign had already looked into, and addressed it to the best of their ability.

Some, and I won't say all, but some of us apparently think it makes more sense to be rude and forceful, than polite and inquisitive. If you think you are going to force the GOP to do anything, you are wrong. This may sometimes work the media (we have had successes there), and will generally work as long as we stay polite. But The GOP is a different animal, and will just harden against us if we pursue it that way.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

From Jeff Frazee

Everyone who is calling the Iowa GOP over these diebold machines is doing a tremendous disservice to the Ron Paul campaign. Stop it. You are destroying relationships and turning the Iowa GOP against Ron Paul.

The campaign is taking every reasonable precaution we can to ensure a fair vote, and we ask that you leave it up to the campaign to speak with the Iowa GOP. They know Ron Paul supporters are not satisfied with the voting process, and any further phone calls only causes more problems for the campaign.

Focus your attention on turning out to vote for Ron Paul in Ames on Saturday as we are trying to do. Stop creating more problems than necessary.

Please spread this message far and wide within the Ron Paul community.


Jeff Frazee

National Youth Coordinator - Ron Paul 2008

Note: I heard they are not even using those machines in this particular vote....

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Was this officially signed

Was this officially signed off on by Ron Paul and/or his campaign manager?

Or is this just coming from a paid or non paid person, I'm totally confused???

The only practical way in

The only practical way in this age for someone to verify such a signature would be if it's with PGP. Liberty is resurgent, but I'm not gonna fool myself into thinking we're that far along that people understand the need to exercise the right to encrypt/verify electronic mail. It just sounds believable, and for now, that will have to do, so don't call the Iowa GOP.

straw poll

I think people are just fed up with Ron not getting a fair shake.. he was excluded from the previous debate with the taxpayers thing the the right to lifers there a few months ago.. the reason why were in it for Ron is because the republican party is corrupt and plays favorites.. they should be reaching out equally to each and every candidate.. this clearly is not happening with Congressman Paul! if these idiots at the iowa RNC are going to take their frustations out on him because of a few phone calls then to hell with them.. they do not deserve to hold the positions they hold.Ron will be elected because of his honesty, integrity and his message.. GO RON GO!

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You don't seem to understand!

We are trying to get him the GOP nomination! Do you understand that they aren't even required to put him on the primary ballot? Even if selected by popular vote, the delegate vote could go against him... And suppose he gets all of the those things. You know what? The GOP can say, "ya know what, nevermind, we are going to run Romney anyway"!

And once Ron Paul is in, the corruption doesn't just disappear! We will need to work to continue to remove the corruption from the party and from congress. Please, stop thinking short term everyone!

We need to show them why Ron Paul is the best choice, and good people in the GOP will stand up, and those who are corrupt will at least pay lip service. But continuing this confrontational behavior does NOT help us. If you want him in the MSM, you can *POLITELY* bombard them. But the GOP must be persuaded, NOT assaulted!

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I totally agree with being

I totally agree with being polite, people can get much more with honey than vinegar.

If people are calling and being disrepectful, rude and/or crude that should stop immediately.

However, if someone wants to call and voice their respectful opinion or ask a respectful question, that should not be discouraged.

Fireworks on the radio !

Good points on both sides; glad I was able to listen. The expert, who came on later, said that the optical scan Diebold machine, while still banned from use in California, is better than the touch-screen machine (also Diebold). But the machines can be rigged, though he was speaking in general terms and not about the Iowa vote.

In listening to the Iowa GOP people, they were very insulted. They are doing their best and should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Fireworks on the radio!

Bill Stegmeier from the Ron Paul state of South Dakota says:

Mr. Zenpiper says: "In listening to the Iowa GOP people, they were very insulted. They are doing their best and should be given the benefit of the doubt."

I say, who in the world cares if the IA GOP people were insulted? Do you? Doe's anyone?

Let's take a good look at what happened here.

1. The Iowa GOP officials cannot be trusted to do what is right as far as insuring an honest vote count at the Straw Poll. They have arrogantly
stated that they will not allow any outside party to verify the vote at the Straw poll. I smell a rat, and I'm not sorry about it. I'm pissed.

2. No one whose brain waves they routinely send throuh their personal integrity filter can possibly believe that the Iowa GOP, the cream-de-cream of the Iowa state political elite, would not have the impetus to do what they could to effect their preferred outcome of a political event such as the Iowa Straw Poll. These clowns are elitists. There is no way they can afford a Ron Paul victory. Duh. Come on. If I can figure this out, so can they, and so can you. I hope.

3. These Iowa GOP dicks don't seem to be having that much fun anymore! Now that a lawsuit has been filed to enjoin them from proceeding with their bogus Diebold straw poll! I guess we will see what happens, but either way, their integrity/credibility is toast!

At any rate, I'm loving it!

Go Ron Paul!

Bill Stegmeier

Bill Stegmeier from the Ron Paul state of South Dakota