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End of the year Money Bomb for Roy Moore - Governor of AL

I got a message about this Money Bomb being planed for Roy Moore in Alabama: http://itstimeformoore.com

I got the e-mail from a friend of mine who was also a big Ron Paul supporter. I am going to sign up, and thought you might be interested too. Below is part of the email:

As we all know, we have been slowly walking down the road of socialism and government control for years and year, but now it is absolutely undeniable. Young and old, rich and poor alike are all realizing that we are in desperate need of good leaders. We are in desperate need of leaders that will stand boldly for the constitution that our founding fathers fought and died for. We are in desperate need of leaders who understands how the free market (and not government regulation) made our nation great. We are in desperate need of leaders that understand that our rights come from the great God who made us and not from the government (because if that were the case the government would be justified to take them away at will). We need leaders who stand firm on principle and will not back down in the face of danger or intimidation.

It is because I recognize these needs that I am very proud to support Roy Moore for governor of the state of Alabama. I believe his is the very definition of these qualities and will shine as an example for the entire nation to see. I am sure you do not agree with Roy Moore on every issue, but he is a Constitutionalist who will stand for state's rights. He will also do his best to kill Real ID and NAIS in the state of Alabama. They say that, “A man anywhere, is an example to boys everywhere” – and that is exactly what I see in Roy Moore. A man. A man of God. A man of character. A man who still believes in the constitution. A man of whose making is scarcely found.

I am writing you because I am organizing a national Internet fundraiser (“money-bomb”) on his behalf (go to www.itstimeformoore.com for complete details).

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