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Did Schiff address his "bomb Iran" gaff yet?

I heard somewhere that he had addressed this on twitter. Has anyone heard anything?

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Yes, go to his twitter site

Yes, go to his twitter site www.twitter.com/peterschiff and he says he doesn't want to bomb Iran. It is a short statement but he said he didn't want to. I think he's not trying to make a big deal out of it because that just might cause more controversy.

Just went there,

did a ctrl-f for "iran" and also for "foreign policy". Nothing came up. I went back all the way to Dec 4.
Do u have a direct link?

ps. good thread Bmore, I'm curious as well.

3:27 12/18

Check out the tweet for December 18th at 3:27.

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Ah OK,

That is a very brief and, to me, unsatisfying statement. I thought he would talk about it in the corresponding video that he links, but he does not.

Anywhoo, thx for directing me towards it.