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Iranians' green revolution refuses to wither and die

Iran today faces the prospect of a bloody Sunday after opposition supporters clashed violently with security forces yesterday at the start of a key religious ceremony that had been identified beforehand as a dangerous flash point.

The Observer has learned that the authorities have canceled all leave for police and emergency services over the two days in anticipation of violence, while hospitals have been put on full alert to expect multiple casualties. The order is effective until midnight tonight.

"Canceling leave means we are in for a very violent time," a paramedic said. "The authorities are very scared. They are prepared for everything and anything."


Iran has a very young population that wants to be part of the rest of the world. I pray for their safety against their oppressive government.




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Isn't the "Green" revolution

Isn't the "Green" revolution in Iran U.S. backed? That's what I've heard.

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Iran is trying to resist the

Iran is trying to resist the NWO.
This is what happens

The Green Rev--as far as I know it is
that is why this is scarry as hell

Is this it??
If this info is for sure true
Pres. is going to have to decide which side to take.