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Peter Schiff vs. Chris Dodd: A Reality to Realize

I have been looking at campaign contributions on Opensecrets.org. I found that Chris Dodd raised $7,097,118 for Senate race in 2004. The average amount raised by a winning US Senate candidate in 2004 was $7,206,001. Chris Dodd's Republican opponent only raised $1,474,842 (self-financed). Chris Dodd won 66%-32%.

In this Senate race in 2010, Chris Dodd raised $7,430,200 so far, spent $8,039,942, and somehow still manages to have $2,218,599. He only has two Democratic challengers in his primary and they each have less than $200,000.

Meanwhile, Peter Schiff has $1,270,419 raised. The average raised for US Senate candidates in 2010 is $1,235,542. His goal of $2,000,000 is still less than the $2,218,599 that Chris Dodd has on hand, and way less than $8,000,000 he spent.

On top of that, Peter Schiff has an expensive primary to win before he even gets to Chris Dodd. His Republican primary opponent Linda McMahon raised $3,501,684, spent $2,051,264, and has $1,450,420 on hand. Peter Schiff also has two other Republican primary opponents who raised about 1.5 million apiece.

Based on Chris Dodd's fundraising in 2004 and now. Peter Schiff is going to need at least $10 million to win the Republican primary and beat Chris Dodd in the general election.

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! Freedom is gonna cost about 10 million bucks for this Senate race. We need less talking and more donating!

Go to http://www.doddproof.com/ to pledge for the January 17th Moneybomb!

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The Problem is...

the Republican leadership in CT are mostly in the tank for Simmons. They have no interest in Constitutional issues or smaller government. The Head of the CT GOP used to be Simmons' treasurer and the Republican State Central people are all a bunch of RINO good ole boys who want to keep their power too. The grassroots are going to have to work really hard to get Peter's message out because already the Hartford Courant and other media are excluding Peter from their reporting, calling it basically a two person race between McMahon and Simmons.

Is it possible that McMahon is being put up by the Obama White House since she has friends there? and has donated thousands to Democrats including Rahm's PAC? They recently used WWE for Obama's XMas message to the troops. I mean, honestly, where did McMahon all of a sudden come from? Also, RINO Governor Rell put McMahon on the State Board of Education as an introduction,to try to give her some political credibility probably in return for some $$$ for the CT Republicans. McMahon has been sending out regular mailings to every household and having all kinds of TV ads. It's nauseating. She's got $30-50 million to spend.

It'll be up to the people to decide in a primary.

Thank you for posting this! I

Thank you for posting this! I think money is very important, however, Peter Schiff cannot win unless people volunteer! If you do not live in Connecticut you can easily make a few phone calls a day using the database on his website. They give you a script and it is very simple. Lastly, please sign up and spread the word of the upcoming moneybomb on January 17th!

Don't forget that Peter will

Don't forget that Peter will definitely have the largest group of educated and passionate volunteers from all over the country helping him out for free.

That alone is worth millions of dollars.

Also, the thousands of Peter Schiff videos on YouTube...

I doubt Chris Dodd has any young and motivated volunteers from all around the country or any viral pro-Dodd YouTube videos...

Peter Schiff will win this race. We have what it takes.

But yes, donate donate donate!!!

technically peter is at 2.27

technically peter is at 2.27 million. He did say he was going to use 1 million dollars of his own money

Not a fan of Connecticut politics ...

a disagree with the contention that the only thing that matters in politics is money (of course, that may be true in Connecticut). Peter has demonstrate arrogance that would be off-putting (in any "red" state). He's also muddy on the "war on terror," which is primarily a sop to the bankers and the military-industrial complex.

Two things will save Peter; getting on message and a consistent message, and financial calamity before the GOP primary. Dodd appears to be toast (and would be, anywhere but Connecticut) on corruption issues. Let's hope the federal prosecutor gets to him quick.

I understand but have to respectfully disagree

Go to Opensecrets.org

You will learn pretty darn quickly that politics is all about money.

Look at the liberty candidates running this year. Only about 1 or 2 of them will win. Because they have money and the rest don't.

Click on http://www.opensecrets.org/overview/incumbs.php
and look at the 2010 elections overview and look at the amount of money being raised by the incumbents compared to their challengers. You'll see that incumbents raise a lot more money.

Click here http://www.opensecrets.org/bigpicture/reelect.php?cycle=2006
to see the percentage of incumbents who will get re-elected. Over 90% of them!

Regardless of what happens with Chris Dodd, the winner of this election will have raised at least $7,296,834. How do I know that? Because that is the average cost of a US Senate seat in 2008: http://www.opensecrets.org/bigpicture/stats.php?cycle=2008&T...

That is the price of admission!

You cannot honestly tell me that money is not the only thing that matters in politics. I would agree that in an IDEAL WORLD, money would not matter. In an IDEAL WORLD, a candidates beliefs, values, ideas, convictions, and experience would be the only thing that mattered. But in the world that we live in NOW, it doesn't. Those are the cold hard facts!

As for Peter Schiff himself. I understand and agree with your point about his views on the "war on terror." But my main point about political fund-raising is about all the House and Senate races where we have liberty candidates. I just happened to use Peter Schiff on this post to make that broader point about fund-raising.

Of all the liberty candidates running, only Rand Paul seems to have a realistic shot at winning as the 2010 elections shows now. Unless we get more aggressive with fund-raising.

I would be happy when Rand Paul wins just like everyone else. But I will be totally disappointed at the larger picture that over ten other liberty candidates lost their elections due to poor fund-raising.

I hope our liberty movement is stronger than getting one candidate into office each election cycle....

I think it's mainly up to us

I think it's mainly up to us grassroots people to support his campaign financially through the primary. However Peter is already leading Dodd in the polls. And once he becomes a household name in CT you'll get a lot of more donations coming into the campaign. The GOP realizes this is their best shot at defeating Dodd in decades and they better not waste it.

It is mainly up to us

It is mainly up to us. I don't understand why people on Daily Paul and Ronpaulforums.com sit around and post about current events, whine and complain about the status quo, talk about Avatar, etc. Most of these posts are about making points about things we already know and agree on. They are just preaching to the choir here.

What we need is some serious grassroots planning that raises money for liberty candidates.

Money is all that matter in politics. It's that cut and dry. I know you get it LefiEriksson, but some people reading probably do not. It is one thing to believe strongly in something, stand for something, and say the right things about freedom. But none of that means shit without money. Because FREEDOM IS NOT FREE, IT COSTS MONEY!

Hell, look at the politicians in office now. They say one thing, and then do the complete opposite. They don't stand for anything. They have no backbone. But they keep getting re-elected every election year. WHY?


So what they say doesn't have to mean a whole heck of a lot because the MONEY DOES ALL THE TALKING!

The Ron Paul Revolution needs to put it's money where it's mouth is. Less BSing on blogs and more moneybombing. It's pretty darn simple...

Schiff is currently polling

Schiff is currently polling 4% for the Republican Primary (Simmons and McMahon are both polling in the 30s). Simmons and McMahon are his only Republican opponents, the others have dropped out.
On the Democrat side its rumored that party leaders are going to pressure Dodd to drop out so Blumenthal can run. Blumenthal is very popular in Connecticut and is considered unbeatable.

Excellent observations!

You are correct, that is the reality of the situation. Rand is going to have an easier time as opposed to Peter because Peter has much stronger competition.

However I think that if he can get by the primaries, which is possible, he will strongly appeal to the mainstream Republicans and swing voters because he is actually somebody credible in predicting and understanding finances which is something we desperately need in the Corp US Senate.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

Thank you!

Peter Schiff's message and credibility is great. Unfortunately, the only thing that matters in politics is MONEY. Money is the only thing that talks. Its talks louder than the candidates themselves. For each money bomb we have, the media bombs the news with coverage about that candidate. That's how we get Peter Schiff and the other liberty candidates out there, by money bombing the hell out of them. Their campaign HQ will do the rest.

People on here need to stop BSing and reminiscing about "When was the first time you heard about Ron Paul?" and start donating.