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For parents needing vaccine exemption forms

I thought I would share this because it worked like a charm even though I still got alot of resistance. After doing the research and choosing the religious exemption form I gave the health department a call....

ME: Yes I need information about vaccine forms.
HD: How can I help you?
ME: Where are ALL your forms reguarding vaccines located?
HD: ALL forms are on the first floor first door on the right. We also have the shots in there too...
ME: So ANY form I would want is in that room?
HD: Yes sir, all the shots are in there too. (she kept on saying that!)
ME: Ok then Im on the way down there to get a religious exemption form-
HD: OH NO SIR! You have to make an appointment for that HOLD PLEASE (put on hold forever)
HD: The person who handles that is not in right now you will have to leave a message.
ME: OK fine. Who do I call?

It took about 2 weeks of dealing with this to finally get one but I got it. Be polite but firm and let them know you will do whatever it takes. When I finally got the waiver signed at the HD I was given a bunch of pro vaccine propaganda that told me what a horrible parent I am and how my child was probably going to fall over dead next week of multiple diseases. I keep it handy for when I light my grill.

Please dont wait to do this. I tried to warn my cousin because he has an infant and they would not listen. About 2 months after I got this form his 4 month old got 4 to 6 shots in one visit and is now full blown autistic. She never stops crying, she has constant seizures, eyes roll back in her head, no sharing of sound or movement, it is horrible. The holidays were tough, I feel really guilty for not doing more

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religious exemption is the best bet

It does not matter if you are a buddhist monk in the Himalayas.

Stay away from my kid! End of story!

This is too important not to bump!

I, too, claimed religious exemption.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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killing our kids is an outrage!

doing nothing against this means u dont really care....