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Baucus Drunk On The Senate Floor?


Can anyone stand a rambling drunkard? Why didn't anyone stop this rant?

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Ashamed that he is the Senator from MT.

Letter to Baucus before I learned about this episode.

As I watch you or C-span today, I am ashamed to say that you are my Senator. Where is your integrity? Where is your honesty? Where are your Montana Principles? Apparently you have left all of this in your home state.
Why are you in support of such an enslaving piece of legislation as this health care bill? Why do you want to tax Montanans for four years prior to anyone gaining a single penny of coverage?
Do you know that we live in a Representative Republic? Why is this bill being rushed through Congress without the American People voicing an opinion? Why aren't you championing Montana Values by postponing any vote on this complex issue until all of the facts are known and discussed?
I am not interested in receiving a form letter. You may send me a return if you have more to say than talking points that do not address these questions.
Thank you for your time.


his body language doesn't seem very drunk.

My first impression was that he sounds "stroky".

ETA: Toward the end, the right side of his face sags. Maybe this is all normal for him?

Defend Liberty!