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A+ Credit refuses to cash your check if you won't remove your cap

My mother has an account A+ Federal Credit union in the Austin Texas area, she wrote me a check for Christmas, I went to their Round Rock Tx location, to cash it, they have signs on the door saying something like: "For your safety and the safety of others, we request that you remove your caps, hats, and sunglasses before entering the building." I personally don't like being treated like I'm a suspected criminal, so I wouldn't remove my cap and was told that their policy is not to provide service to anyone who will not remove their caps. It's almost as if the TSA is now running the credit unions. How does my not removing my cap affect my safety and the safety of others? This may seem silly to some, but it's the principle of the thing, just one more way to try to control people. I thought a "request" was a voluntary thing, since when is it a DEMAND?

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Private companies can do

Private companies can do stuff like that...if you don't like it, take your business elsewhere.