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Graduate: "College was a ripoff...I was misinformed."

Sad, but true. College has just become another way to extract money from humanoids by enslaving them with debt early in life. What do you guys think?

Via ABC News

Like most students, Kris Alfred was repeatedly told in high school that everyone goes to college.

Alfred said he owes more than $125,000 for his degrees in theater when he's not even working in that field. "I work at a call center, and I make $10 an hour," he said. "It's surreal. I feel like a loser."

Walter Rowland got a degree in meteorology and now owes $77,000 in student loans.

"College was a rip-off and nothing against, you know, my college or my professors, but I was misinformed," he said.

"You're led down this path of needing to go to college," he continued. "The college diploma is the new high school diploma."


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Cyril's picture

This is formatting, not only enslavement thru debt

I have seen diplomas value debasement (market value, that is) going on ever since the mid 80s, starting with my country of origin.

Nothing new, here.

Americans seem new to the grand scheme. Common Core's agenda, and the sacralization of degrees is only the beginning.

Force all kids, by age classes, into the state education *they* have deemed useful.

And btw, nothing to do with raw IQ: the plan is to have ALL kids go thru the socialist state formatting - the ones inclined to abstract thinking : make them state worshiping elites, seeking government jobs, in higher bureaucracies. Lower : encourage those also to work for the state - police, inspectors, lower level planners and pen pushers.

For the others, make sure they enter the markets - as late as possible - with an a priori also as negative as possible re: entrepreneurship, risk taking, private success - insist on the importance of unions, and state arbitrage, and divide them, oppose them... starting with the role of their own families.

"You ain't seen nothing, yet."

America is only leaving the first, mandatory stage - dumbing down, demoralization - before entering the next one : FREE state education (which won't actually be, but advertised and shoved as such... only with more taxes) - including, ESPECIALLY, "higher education" (college). A dream? Not exactly...

And the sad thing is, at this pace of apathy growth : a majority of Americans will actually welcome that next "FREE" stuff scam - because extracted, exhausted already.

Unless... America gets her wake up-harsh economic spanking FIRST. Which I personally wish for, instead of the previous scenario that I know ALL TOO WELL.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

When the students' federally subsidized loans are funded,

the "teachers" will appear.


Nearly 4 yrs ago from a California State University. What was taught to me was 90% arbitrary opinion. Of course I was not expecting much more when I decided on a Bachelor of Arts degree, rather than a degree in the Sciences. I will say however, that if I did not go to College, I never would have had the ability to open my mind to the teachings of Ron Paul. It was because of the rhetoric of my teachers that I went out searching for the truth. And here I am. I believe that path led me to this way of thinking, so I would never have second thoughts about my college experience.


"Alfred said he owes more than $125,000 for his degrees in theater when he's not even working in that field. "I work at a call center, and I make $10 an hour," he said. "It's surreal. I feel like a loser."

I know I'm not supposed to laugh at others misfortunes, but come on, this guy deserved it.

College's are con-games.

Our entire society is based upon lying, cheating and stealing. Just because someone fell for the con does not mean they are stupid and deserved it. We are trained throughout our entire lives to believe and trust authoritarians beginning with our parents. It is then taken over by the schools and all are overseen by government.

for the most part this is true

i first went to college right outta high school and what a waste of everything....time, money, energy.....everything.

i agree with some posts below however - that you have to better understand what it is that you expect from a university or from an education in general.

jobs are never secure....in any market or at any time.

my current education in architecture is one that i hold dearly however - and far from the music degree i had attempted in the years before.

even if i never get a job in architecture - even if i never build a building (which i already have done prior to schooling! yeah!).....the information that i can access at my school right now is all that matters to me.

this degree plan is more than structure - it's more of a worldly degree steeped in a variety of cultures - one that requires me to learn about everything and everyone in a very broad manner and then apply my findings in the architecture studios each semester. it is not for the faint of heart - nor is it for those who cannot go for 40 to 60 hours without sleep at any given time.

i stand by my degree plan whole heartedly, but i cannot say the same for most every other degree plan out there - including those at my school.

i have worked my hands and knees to the bone for ten years restoring other people's houses. it was the pain and suffering that i felt emotionally and physically that prompted my wife to insist that i look into a degree plan that was suited for me specifically.

and that was architecture! i can always go back to tiling showers stalls or reinventing kitchen spaces as a fulltime job, but life will find me old and dead before my time going this route - and i will never forget what that felt like coming home every day from manuel labor and having nothing to look forward to other than more of the same come the next day.

nothing is for free, as they say so often enough.
yes. it is pretty much wrong to think any avenue toward betterment is easy or that the case for upward mobiility is promising to everyone. some peeps get born with trust funds, funded off the backs of those who are not born with trust funds. sure.....if i had 5 grand coming in without doing much for it, i'd say i have it pretty damn easy.

but what would life hold for me there? what do i struggle for when food is no problem. and what, pray tell!, would i do without that constant nagging roof leak we got going?!?!

i don't really know. it's almost a relative it's been there so long!

my angle is about how so many of ourr people don't know themselves enough to find the right gig. they don't ask the tough questions of themselves and then repond dutifully and within enough time to make it happen. many people find out who there are and what they should have been doing all along at the end of their days, which makes me sad.....and much more than any amount of debt could ever do.

You have to know what you want out of a college education

otherwise don't bother.

And be realistic, how much do you really think you're going to make in the job market because you have an Theatre, English or History degree?

Nothing... you're only going to get paid for whatever useful skills you have.

My advice for the guy in the article, get an engineering degree and do theatre on the side.


Hey, now.

I know -exactly- what I'm going to do with a history degree; TEACH IT. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it, and I consider it my duty to do my best to avoid repeating it.

College isn't the problem, the problem is that the culture is obsessed with going to college for the sake of going to college, and people go in without any clear intent.

SteveMT's picture

Agree with rip-off of college education for most people.

My daughter just graduated and can't get a job. She is working for the census on an Indian Reservation where only in-person interviews are done.

College is a bait-and-switch tactic with the sting in the tail of big loans to pay-off and no job to do it with.

Before you pay for University

Before you pay for University take my advice: Go to a 2 year school, get your AA, then grab a backpack and see the world and don't look back. The AA degree is just enough to get you a visa in another country. If you decide to further your degree, do it in another country and learn their language.

You'll thank me for this advice someday....

Probably the worst degree is

Probably the worst degree is Business! What a waste! Right up there with Political Science. My major was poly sci and I run my own marketing company--go figure that one out!

Supply and Demand

When everyone goes to college, there is ample supply of college graduates, and the price paid for them goes down.

When only some people go to college, the supply is restricted, and demand drives the cost up.

Additionally, when the government runs them all, the quality goes down. If "all" students can get in, then the degree is no guarantee that these are the best students.

The silly drive for "equality" lowers all boats.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

It depends on what you study.

Degrees that are general in nature and do not qualify you for entry into a specific "well paid" career are a poor choice.

But it certainly is worth getting a degree in something that qualifies you for entry into certain jobs. One of my daughters is an Occupational Therapist who sets her own hours, works as much or as little as she chooses, and earns well above average.

Being burdened with student loans for many can be avoided by scholarships, part time work, and a family that plans well in advance for meeting the costs. And even if student loans are takes as a last resort, the proper degree choice certainly facilitates repayment.

I have little sympathy for someone who borrows $125,000 to get a degree in theater and then is surprised that he is not qualified to get a well paid job. Personal responsibility!! I don't think that many people belong in universities. Actually I don't think that many people even belong in high school; they would be better served entering an apprenticeship at an early age, but the black hand of government forces them to mark time in school until they are qualified to do nothing.

I personally worked 30 hours per week at a minimum wage job back in the late 1960's and took a full time schedule, year round, to earn my degrees, which then enabled me to later pay 100% of the cost of sending my children to obtain their worthwhile degrees.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

School loans make more debt slaves

85% of college now is paid for by government loans. WHAT? Yep. 85% of college is paid for by government loans. More welfare that inflates the cost of college and keeps people debt slaves. Sad state of affairs.

I teach college. I cringe to think about how much my students are borrowing in the private college I teach at to get a useless degree. I encourage my nursing students and students in accounting and finance or computer science. The rest of them I know won't be getting paid anything in their field. It's pathetic.

However, I do not know why someone who gets a degree in Theatre or Meteorology can't figure that out. If you are getting these degrees to make a ton of money, forget it.


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Is it really 85%

That's a really high percentage.

It is taking longer and

It is taking longer and longer to get bachelor degrees, so now students are spending 4 to 7+ years as consumers rather than productive members of the workforce.

My 9th grade son is definitely considering an apprenticeship program, possibly in auto tech. He likes the idea of being paid right away, with benefits, and then pay increasing over time as he learns more. I believe apprentices are guaranteed placement in jobs once they achieve journeyman status.


The Master's Degree is going to be the new Bachelor's

My cousin who just graduated with a double major in Economics (I know I don't even want to know what they were teaching him) and Communications cannot even get an unpaid internship so he has decided to just stay in school and get his Master's degree. Apparently most of his friends are doing the same.

I said, "why don't you go learn plumbing instead?". Everyone just looked at me like I was from outerspace....


College is all about money and zilch about learning.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

John Taylor Gatto

Read Weapons of Mass Instruction, a terrific book that will help you to understand the social engineering that is behind modern schooling, and also help you to understand what real education is.

You are capable of obtaining an education from the world you live in just by going out and experiencing it, you don't need an elite priesthood to certify the capabilities of your mind.

Right you are!

Right you are!

I remember asking my parents the "demographic questions".

1. What proportion of all the jobs that are out there actually require university graduates?

Probably the same proportion as when my Dad went to university.

2. What proportion of the school leaving population are going to university?

Its about a third in the UK now. It was only 5% when my Dad was a student.

I didn't need advanced calculus to figure out that there would be huge numbers of indebted, inexperienced, unemployed and vastly overqualified graduates out there.

reedr3v's picture

Education is just another industry

the government has pumped up with credit and debased in quality. A college degree is now a title signifying nothing.

DP has already spoken on this -- sorry the student failed to

read before they finished school.


hint hint a job has nothing to do w/ school, it's mental tolerance!

Sorry you can't practice medicine before you get your license & find out whether you like it, cause boy once you have that license, what are you going to do if you can't stand it?

finish auto-reply Thank God for bugs, they're company for people in solitary confinement.

For some reason, we're expected to know every law that exists in America & in our state so we don't break it. We're supposed to know this when we're 18. There's no litmus test for them, as in the 10 commandments or rhyme or reason. C.U.R.E.

i absolutely agree. 15 to 30

i absolutely agree. 15 to 30 years of paying every dime of your cash for inflated loan payments to banks with outrageous interest rates is nothing less than slavery.

somewhere along the way

somewhere along the way people actually started to believe that the best way to learn and develop skills was through more school and more booklearning rather than through real work experiences. As a result, we now have a country that spends billions of dollars "educating" the people, yet nobody is trained to do anything useful and nobody really knows anything.

Personally, I find the whole situation funny because those people knew that they were putting in very minimal work to earn BS degrees, and they fully deserve to suffer the consequences of such a reckless waste of tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars.

College should be treated like real life...

**Live within your means** -- work your ass off, on and off campus. No loans, work yourself through with a part time job, even if it means a later graduation date. Party only after the work is done. Major in something you love, something that you'd be happy doing even if it doesn't pay well.

There's way too much money wasted on college degrees. Kids should work for at least a year after hi school before going to college, in a job that will show them what they'll get without an education. Colleges will eventually be online, as few will be able to afford a campus life.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

College is great for valid degrees

Like science, math, engineering, medical doctor. Not so great for the others.

Also, most kids don't take college seriously enough to get anything out of it.

since this was posted, a number of engineers of my acquaintance-

have become unemployed; one is working at a call center.

A young person I know very well who brought not debt into medical school is now borrowing $50,000/year for medical school at a second-rate medical school--nothing ivy league--

and is going 'economy'--

after four years at $50,000/year--

will this young person be able to pay that off in the medical profession by 20??

a medical doctor of my acquaintance has a private clinic with a number of other M.D.s, and he admits that they are 'struggling'---

as is a dentist of my acquaintance.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The government and the insurance

industry are working hard to scratch medical doctor off the list.