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$40 for my buddy the Navy SEAL who turns 40 today! (Florida State House Race)

Marcus Rivchin is turning 40 today and as part of my cause to send Constitutional Ron Paul Republicans to public office I want you all to join me in donating $40 to honor my friend and fellow patriot.


Check out his Christmas message below:

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men...

is an old prayer given every December as we gather our families to celebrate the holidays. We live in a time when everyone knows that we as a country and as Floridians are heading into crisis. Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men has never been so challenged in our lives as it is now. It is our responsibility to fix this situation for our own future happiness. I invite you to read the rest of this brief letter and join me in working to make our future a place where Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Men is a reality and not just a humble prayer.

I firmly believe that prosperity and in turn happiness is best achieved by following a Jeffersonian philosophy which calls on people to freely exercise their civil liberties, their economic freedom in their pursue happiness as a foundation for a good, wholesome and productive society. Yet, our economy is a mess and our public institutions are not prepared to weather the coming financial storm. It is our government run by the people, for the people that have been elected by us that is focused on maintaining an ever-expanding government and on levying more taxes in the form of regulation, legislation, licensing, fees, fines, and penalties. It is We the People who suffer a diminishing quality of life as a result of bad policy.

Politics Controls How Our Money is Spent

Florida has a state Constitutional mandate to have a balanced budget yet our state budget it out of control. There is a $2.6 billion deficit for 2010, a projected $5.6 billion deficit for 2011, and a projected $5.3 billion deficit for 2012. In order for the Florida government to balance its budget, it should cut government programs and re-focus its goals on allowing the people to invest more of their own money into what they see best.

Florida does not have enough legislators that understand that increasing taxes and fees to cover budget shortfalls hurts all Floridians. People who are fed up with paying burdensome taxes will decide to take their goodwill and their businesses to leave Florida altogether.

I served as a member of the elite military unit known as the Navy SEALs. In the SEAL Teams, we learned that action was often the best solution to any problem and that being static only invited vulnerability. Florida has many policies and programs that once having been implemented have gained a life of their own and created further problems. When I was in the SEAL Teams, we talked about "building a better mousetrap" by improving or overcoming an obstacle until we lowered the rate of error/failure to its lowest common denominator.

I want to use these experiences as your future legislator to promote common sense, free market solutions by “building a better mousetrap.” If you go to the issues section in my website at www.marcusrivchin.com, you will see just what I mean.

Campaigning for You

I have been campaigning hard since May of this year and I am making progress. With the primary election in August 2010, I have already walked more than 40% of my district and I have collected more than half of the required petitions. However, I do need financial support. House district 117 is an open seat and there are a number of candidates vying to win to be the next Florida Representative.

Many people often think about political campaigns as well organized, well funded, and fully supported. The reality is, unless you are an incumbent....it is a lonely and hard fight to the top. Campaigning is done day by day, door to door, voter to voter. There is nothing glamorous or mystical about this effort. It is an endurance race. Any kind of support you can offer goes a long way. It would mean a lot if you can donate to my campaign. I am not asking for much. In these difficult times just give what you can afford. A small donation of $10 or $15 can help me reach out to 20 or 30 people respectively. Spread some goodwill in making our future a lot brighter and peaceful.

Please give what you can by the end of the 4th quarter (December 31st). It is important to me because I need to send a decent showing in my campaign finance reports to demonstrate that I am a viable and credible candidate to everyone this new year. If you are reluctant to give politically, consider it as a Christmas present or as a birthday present. I will be 40 years old on December 28th.

Also, please forward the link to my website or email this message to your contacts. I need people to know more about my campaign. If everyone has at least 200 contacts, then I can get a few thousand people to visit my website.

Best wishes for you and your family this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Peace and Goodwill for you and your loved ones.


Marcus Rivchin Jr

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