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Ridley Report: Gary Johnson to NH, mulls 2012

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(Like the old saying goes"You are known for the company you keep!"
I will not be voting for Johnson!


RON PAUL 2012. Gary Johnson is a good guy, but will alienate much of the Ron Paul/Liberty/Freedom coalition because of his ties to the CFR and his history of not just be pro-choice but being a pro-choice activist.

The only guy on the horizon at the moment who can carry our banner is RON PAUL. If he is up for another run we should all stop being distracted by the likes of Johnson and Ventura who, while they may have good intentions, will tear our coalition apart.


Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

What are these ties to the

What are these ties to the CFR you speak of? I know that his campaign manager when he ran for governor of New Mexico went on a CFR trip, but he was never a member. I don't consider this a 'tie' to the CFR. Other than that I haven't been able to find any other ties..please let me know if missed a big one.

I think its big!

He was more than his Campaign Manager. Doug Turner was Gary's general consultant, state director, and Campaign Manager for both his 1994 and 1998 election. And he certainly was a member. He is currently listed on the CFR's own website on the on the "Leadership and Staff" page. Sorry if you think its not a big deal, but I have been fighting against the CFR and their agenda for a long time, and that is just a little too close for my comfort--Perhaps that is their plan.

Many of us here on the DP called attention to some of Obama's friends and associates as well.

Here is the link to Turner's bio on the CFR website. See for yourself.

Judging from their history... We can expect its logical that Turner would be involved in Gary's presidential run as well. I would call that, at the very least, under the influence of the CFR. And that is scary when the guy is seeking to tap into Dr. Paul's network of support. I like Gary from what I have seen, however because of that strong connection I cannot support him for higher office. Its just too close for comfort.


Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!


Here is the CFR Membership Roster. You can scroll down to "T" and clearly see that Doug Turner is listed as a member.


Again, we called Obama to the carpet for his associates that did not have near as strong of a connection as Gary and Doug have had over the years.

Its too close for comfort. And anyone who knows anything about the CFR would have to agree.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Johnson Bump

The more candidates for Liberty the better.

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