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Need Cancer Advice for my Patriot Uncle

My uncle who is an avid RP supporter has been fighting prostate cancer for years. It recently came back with a vengance. The doctor put him on cilastin Chemotherapy but his body can't handle it. He is ready to go outlaw (Health Wise) Any alternative cures or conconctions that any of you know of? He is a fighter and liberty champ! Please help!

Happy New Year Michael and my DP friends!



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Have you try to suggest Radical Prostatectomy surgery?

Have you suggest him a surgery? I heard there is a Radical Prostatectomy surgery for prostate cancer patient.

Has anyone noticed this thread is a year old?

I was hoping it was an update, but I just see lots of well intentioned people talking to a poster than may not even hang out here any more...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Fishy, the poster is still here if you look a few

comments down you will see. His uncle is gone but his father now has it.
My condolences to NRJ3 and hope there will be advice that can help your father and others.

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From OP

The Health Sciences Institute


Also, my company helps people find affordable medications from all over the world.

www.medsforlesspharmacy.com or call 1-800-615-0868, ask for Rob.

We have Proscar at greatly reduced prices if he needs it.

Dear NRJ3

Firstly, my sincere love for you and yours during this time.

Please review my signature below for a clue to hopefully an answer for your loved ones.




Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

It really depends.

There's a good deal of useful information in these threads, like the Gerson therapy. The China study shows you why. Vitamin K and D are very important also. However you need to consider the individuals willingness to commitment for the Gerson therapy to work long term. People are constantly seduced into eating the wrong foods.

With that said, there are a couple therapies that are not well known but still fall under the American medical establishment guidelines. One is Proton treatment in Loma Linda CA. I've watched my Father and Brother-in law go through it with success. Insurance covered both of them. It's better then traditional radiation because it targets the tumor specifically, thus preventing damage to normal cells. So the prostate is saved and patients don't have to carry around a colostomy bag or have surgery at all. Apparently when doctors get prostate cancer they go to this place. Both my dad and bro-in-law had very little side effects and discomfort.

Next there is the Burzynski clinic. From what I can tell this guy has had amazing success in treating all kinds of cancers. Here's a video I found, maybe from a post here on the DP
here's a link to request acceptance into clinical trials.

No matter what he decides, at least try to convince him that he has to cut meat and dairy consumption down, there's definitely a connection. I'm not saying these two treatments are better then the natural way, just that they may be more suitable depending on your uncle.

Man I'm sorry I missed your post about your uncle.


13 Indigenous Grandmothers

These women work with sacred plants used to heal cancer. Here is a link to their movie trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKGXpK8LXR4 They travel the globe so you may find an event close to where your uncle lives.

With Love

Thanks Everyone for the Advice but My Uncle has Passed

Thank you all so much for your advice and well wishes but my uncle passed away in Septemeber.

His body had been ravaged by the Chemo and by the time he started to get into the natural cures it was too late. He would like that this information is out there now and if he had it to do all over again would not have set foot in a hospital in th first place.

He was a patriot and Ron Paul fanatic. Good man.



Please Keep Adding Information

Please keep this thread alive so that it will help others who are dealing with the same thing. My father also has prostate cancer and prints this thread off everytime something new comes on it!

Thanks again!

apricot seeds, and read ed

apricot seeds, and read ed griffins book World Without Cancer. or watch this video, http://www.aprikoskarnor.se/varld-utan-cancer-video/

I just read "Healing the Gerson way"

I highly recommend the book for its holistic approach to health and healing.


There are two sides to the gold coin of health. Where there is deficiency or toxicity, health is in danger.

Type I Diabetes is a lack of insulin production. A vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy. Scurvy can be resolved by nutrition.

Consider the study by Japanese scientists in the 1930. They painted cancer causing tars on the ears of rabbits. No cancers developed. But a sample group was autopsied every couple of weeks and increasing internal damage to organs was noticed (liver, spleen, brain). By the time external tumors at the location of the tar application appeared, the internal organs were severely damaged.

Dr. Gerson's approach is to provide maximum nutrition while taking steps to detoxify the body especially the liver.

Using nutrition and detoxifying techniques fine tuned over 80 years, the body is strengthened and enabled. The body then heals itself.

They use no drugs as they add to the bodies toxic load. Feedback from decades of testing identifies foods that are more toxic and foods that are less toxic. They treat the root cause of cancers: deficiency and toxicity.

Of 50% of the patient diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 50% returned to get and all clear from the diagnosing physician.

The treatment has proven very successful for prostate cancer.

In many states Doctors are prohibited by law from discussing alternatives to the approved techniques of cutting, burning and poisoning cancers. Even though though these methods have proven about as effective over time as a sugar pill.

Home treatment has been done successfully if the patient is allowed to rest while a caregiver does all the hard work required.

As one who has smoked, worked in toxic industrial environments, eaten modern foodstuffs, I am planning on doing a Gerson treatment simply to eliminate my accumulated toxins. Hopefully, some nagging problems will also be resolved.

The Institute has a phone number and lists of trained caregivers.

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take my advice and read the book The China Study. I can not express how important this book is. If there is a way to resolve this issue of cancer you will find it in The China Study. Do not take this comment lightly, get the book, read the book.


Can you elaborate a little?

Can you elaborate a little?

ACinMA's picture

Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamin K and D have major effects on prostate cancer, and is almost always tested as deficient in patients with Prostate cancer.
"Prostate Cancer Treatment Choices"
a quick Dr. Mercola Video, and related info:

Selenium, one of a many minerals that are severely deficient, have been shown to have major effects on all types of cancers..

also, "97 percent of men survive prostate cancer even without treatment"

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

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Food Matters is a great

Food Matters is a great little documentary that introduces the nutrition topic too! Great to start educating someone on nutrition.

I second that

Gerson is THE cure. Or should I say, Nutrition is THE cure.

Me too. And detoxification supports nutrition

I am thinking of the move Erin Brockovich(sp?).

Without eliminating the toxic chromium VI from the body, is a cure possible? Seems unlikely.

Why do we have so many unsung heroes?

Free includes debt-free!

RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version

Hi NRJ3, sorry to hear about your uncle. Check out the following link to Run From The Cure below. Very interesting.


I am longing to start making my own.

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Rick Simpson "Run From the Cure"

What Canada did to him should open everyones eyes to the truth about everything concerning cancer, conventional (your as good as dead)cancer treatment, marijuana and BIG PHARMA. If you can't figure it out after watching this you might as well mail it in.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Electro pulser delivering around 50 milliamps

of electric pulses to the arteries in the wrists kills everything other than healthy blood cells. Anything it weakens obviously has a harder time with the bodies natural defenses. Look up Dr Bob Beck on Youtube, this is his brainchild.
Contact Beata Von Berkom at bvb@shaw.ca (she's also tinfoilhatlady on youtube)
she can hook you up with a unit or two. If I had any left I send you one. These are also used to make colloidal silver and they absolutely work. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE !!!!!!

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Here is a great website for natural cures of all kinds


This man cured his prostrate cancer using this method. I hope your uncle finds some relief soon.

One of my favs too.

especially if you have pets.

Lindsey Williams

mentioned some things in this Interview I think..

They posted here what he was referring to.

Of course I don´t know if it works or if the links are correct.

Hope he gets well.

yep.. thats what I was

yep.. thats what I was thinking..

All he needs is....

this book "Never Be Sick Again" by Raymond Francis which explains very simply what causes disease (2 causes/6 pathways) and the holistic approach;

and this book "The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses" by Charlotte Gerson along with the related DVD "The Beautiful Truth."

I follow these methods and haven't been sick or to the doctor for decades.

Warning: There are no "magic pills" -- curing oneself will require change of foods eaten and pattern of thinking, and embarking on exercise and detox programs. Any prescription "synthetic medication" must be discontinued or weaned off of.

P.S. Noticed original post was Jan 1 -- but this advice could help someone else.

Great advice that I follow myself.

Happy stomach!
Thanks blakmira!

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”