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Need Cancer Advice for my Patriot Uncle

My uncle who is an avid RP supporter has been fighting prostate cancer for years. It recently came back with a vengance. The doctor put him on cilastin Chemotherapy but his body can't handle it. He is ready to go outlaw (Health Wise) Any alternative cures or conconctions that any of you know of? He is a fighter and liberty champ! Please help!

Happy New Year Michael and my DP friends!



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Ummm---probably because they work?

G. Edward Griffin was a major person in the fight to get laetrile recognized as a cure---and a cure is NOT what TPTB want---they make money from cancer treatments.
Apricot pits have cyanide in them---so the FDA banned them. Over 30 years ago I had a mole that was growing and itching, and I took apricot pits for about a month and it dried up and fell off--so I am a believer!
I collect the pits from wild apricot trees when I can. You could also buy a box of fruit from an orchard, can or dry the fruit and save the pits!