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Any good videos to recommend for weekend watching?

Post them below with a summary of what we'll learn.

Thanks for sharing!

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Farmageddon - The truth about the food and dairy industry




Occupation 101

The real tragedy the MSM won't tell you about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_jvXnPG9Xc&feature=youtube_g...

It's a documentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Very moving.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Roman Empire

"A&E" Biography of Mitt by Leonard Nimoy

In case you missed my thread, but it is some much needed humor in a Daily Show bit:


Two favorites

Back to Eden (google it and find the free version)

Why in the world are they spraying (also free, you tube I think)

Yes, "Why in the World are they Spraying" is a must-see.

And it's free at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGIXiwYjUpY&feature.
Not to give the answer to the title's question away, but it has something to do with Monsanto and the government (made clear around 48:00). Some other highlights:
-Bill Gates's role at minute 55:00.
"Gates Foundation Invests in Monsanto. Both will profit at expense of small-scale African farmers."
-and Obama's role at minute 56:00
"Obama opens door to Africa for Monsanto"
-Link to weather and climate change
"Scientists warn geoengineering may disrupt rainfall. June 6, 2012 Large-scale engineering projects aimed at fighting global warming could radically reduce rainfall in Europe and North America, a team of scientists from four European countries have warned.
p.s. Also see the prior documentary "WHAT in the World Are They Spraying."


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Hoping it's not already

Hoping it's not already posted, but pretty cool and positive freedom thrills and entertainment (unpolitical; just the dreams some folks live for themselves) :

People are amazing 2012


Just 3 1/2 minutes.

Jeb Corliss "Grinding The Crack" :


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

you will all learn about...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Y198RtdjE&feature=g-all-u the federal reserve neo cons free markets why we need to bring our troops home the puppets barack and mitt none internationalism foreign policy peace love freedom George Washington Thomas Jefferson.

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'

Jericho - the two season series

on Netflix.
Best thing EVER on TV!

Oh, don't forget this:

The Message - Free Ron Paul music

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Beautiful. Thank You.


Thank You.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Excellent song and video for the Liberty Movement!

Very fitting for our time. Hope this gets voted up the chain!

Chicago 1968 Convention

Chilling four part documentary can be found on this thread:


Be prepared to be horrified but, BE PREPARED for Tampa. Do not let this situation happen again now.

watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQIfdrEZDi0

music video by corrected axiom to motivate everyone for TAMPA

Ron Paul's "lost speech" at the Copper Top Pub

This is a 6 part documentary of the USF Tampa sign wave street rally, with an unannounced appearance by Dr. Paul at a local pub just after the NBC GOP Debate on January 23, 2012.


Help build the world's best encyclopedia of Liberty - the RonPaulWikiProject
“The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and will to carry on.”
-- Walter Lippmann

Illuminati P2 - Ron Paul Revolution, 01 Queen - God save the que

To see full video, click on link below

This video exposes Illuminati Agenda
Illuminati P2 - Ron Paul Revolution lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism.
There is much debate about the world revolution, USA election and all that goes with it. Everyone is trying to come out with something useful which will help connect people and spread the information's.
I made a few CD's on this theme.Illuminati P2 - Ron Paul Revolution, has17 songs
The words in these songs very well express the feelings associated with this topic and it is connected with good music.

JG Cnasda

A new movie about Freedom and Liberty

Support a new short film about Uncle Sam returning in 2012 to save America and it’s ideals of freedom and liberty.
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Here's the perfect movie for this weekend!

An oldie, with Marlon Brando and Anthony Quinn, I would strongly recommend right now. It's "Viva Zapata!", about the Mexican Revolution and the leaders of it.

With all that has happened these past couple of days, the weakening of the Ron Paul campaign (Jesse, Rand, et al), the Penny Freeman interview, the email to Carol Paul, etc., this movie came into my mind like a comet! It's all here folks! Please, especially if you are under 50, pahleeeze make it a point to watch this film! History looks like it is repeating itself! Learn the lessons Emiliano Zapata taught his followers about governance and R3VOLution! The more aware we are of the past, the more successful we will be now.

Here's a clip: http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/350826/Viva-Zapata-Movie-... (Watch the entire clip, even though there is a brief ad in the middle.)

How to Handle Police Encounters in a Police State


Four videos from Terry Ingram, a decorated veteran Hollywood Police Officer with twelve years’ experience in Robbery/Homicide, Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics, and Uniformed Patrol. As a decorated combat Vietnam Veteran, having served his country honorably for six years, Terry founded “Law In Simple Terms”, an organization which teaches the art of “Pro Per litigation”. Terry developed an easy to comprehend course for laypersons which teaches the proper application of civil rights in the face of government confrontation, as well as how to negotiate the legal system without the aid or assistance of an attorney, and much more.

Two additional music videos - Ron Paul anthem.


Primary is one of the best campaign documentaries I've seen.

Here's a YouTube link to the whole thing.

It's about the 60's Democratic contest between Kennedy and Humphrey, in Wisconsin. In that year, Kennedy and Nixon basically invented the primary system we have today...before that, it existed more as a beauty contest to help some people raise their profile in the party and NOT to select candidates. After 1960, because both Nixon and Kennedy used this unorthodox means and because each won their respective nominations, things never were the same.

The Mayles brothers also did the famous documentary about the Rolling Stones.

My radio broadcasts that dismantle MSM propaganda

It is not a video so I still hope this applies . I bought time on a MSM local radio station to finaly get some truth out onto the airwaves . Show 1 was an intro and general overview of the powers that be . Show 2 exposed the central bankers firm grip around our throats (radio feed was cut) .Show 3 has a hedge fund manager guest who is a friend of liberty . Show 4 covered the untold dangers of big pharma (radio feed was cut) . The link has the whole shows and I would love to get some feedback from my fellow patriots , Mike Nystrom I have mad respect for what you have done here and I would be honored if you listened too.
Enjoy the show I aim to teach through humor. I am trying to Johnny Appleseed this idea and have more of us do this in their towns.

Ron Paul's 90 min Unseen Documentary on Cultural Marxism

This is perfect for individuals, families who want to know how Freedom slipped away little by little from 1913.


This was filmed recently and very few people know about it.


BestRonPaulVideo, Totalitarianism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIdBuK7_g3M#t=28m28s
BestVideo, Political Correctness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tz8pzG02oxU#t=19s
Bestbook, Totalitarianism, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0759672229

Why We Fight Parts 1 - 10


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

Didn't see a link for audio

Short Wave Radio - 1994

A history lesson in every show.
'The Hour of the Time'

"Let's all understand that attempts to assassinate my character will continue and in all probability will become worse. Rather then let that get in the way, I want you to believe everything bad that you ever hear about me. See if that changes anything that I have been trying to tell you."

~William Cooper (1943-2001)

Almost another year has passed
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and more have awakened.

Good listening for a Saturday night.

Grab a beverage.