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Any good videos to recommend for weekend watching?

Post them below with a summary of what we'll learn.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hacking democracy

Hacking democracy this video explainshow elections can be rigged easily.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVTXbARGXso

ron paul 2012

How Beer Saved the World

This is an astonishing video. It's about history, industry, agriculture and market forces from an angle you never thought possible. I do recommend this video.


The Colony

Available on Netflix. 10 survivors of a viral attack had to survive, find housing, food, water. They actually did quit a bit in the first 30 days. They made a water purifier and a generator. Later they put together solar panels.

This was volunteer documentary but very real in what we may face. It's also about 3 hours long, all segments.


My favorite film of all time...

Hoosiers - how the little guys beat the big guys. Very appropriate.

And Breaking Away. First saw it in 1979, another great little-guys-overcome-big-odds-to-win-over big-guys film. And funny too.

I like feel-good films.

National Geographic: Stress with Sapolsky

Very important insight about what really causes most health problems...our unnuturing aggressive corporate culture.

Basically our rank in our various social circles dramatically affect our health.

As ron paul is constantly ranked low, he and his followers incur a LOT of social stress.
In fact, part of the ruling class plan is to wait us out, hoping the stress will effectually cause us to escape to the nurturing arms of the neocon or neolib tribes.

So we need to really treat each other well and take extra care of our stress and health.

when mitt romney came to town

sheds some light on this slimy little dbag

Absolute Must-Watch:

Absolute Must-Watch (Oppps! I did not know this was you, Michael. I figure you must know as much as anyone...)

David Icke: Live in Melbourne, Australia:


Wisdom Strategies

12 Angry Men (1957)

One of the greatest movies ever made.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I recomended this

to all the people who were so quick to Judge about this Trayvon event

For your consideration... :)

You won't learn anything, but if it makes you grin my time was well spent.


These are great econ videos


The website is very educational: http://econstories.tv/

Libertypen is loaded with great videos:

Here is a link with a bunch of informative videos from Libertypen:


The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

Reason to Believe

It's an uphill battle, but one worth fighting!


Go Ron Paul!



very underrated imho: Cube (1997) sci-fi/horror/mystery/big brother

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"Fair Game"

True and interesting story. The protagonist's left-leaning husband (Sean Penn) exposes the Bush Admin's Iraqi WMD shenanigans and avenges his wife's (Valerie Plame) outing as a CIA operative by Scooter Libby.

In the end, it a tale warning of the excesses of Executive Branch power, and government in general. Oh and it stars Naomi Watts...ouch!

12 Minute Video — Highly Entertaining & Educational

Dr. Paul tells us we need to have fun while trying to save our country. It is so easy to get discourage with all the cheating and skullduggery going on to shut Dr. Paul out of the consciousness of the masses. We are winning anyway, and this little talk will show you how to be 37% more effective in your efforts to promote Liberty.

This 12 minute TEDx video highlights the importance of having an Attitude of Gratitude and other actions that will create positive, lasting changes in your life, in spite of the criminal tyranny of the NWO. It also very entertaining. Cheers.


Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit


Sent this to colleagues and suggest it for corporate viewing....although TED might want royalties!! Excellent choice in these worrisome times.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

The Ground Star conspiracy

It's an old one but has many contemporary themes;

surveillance state
Mk Ultra stuff
False flag

Just watched "300" recently and

thought of our present battle the entire time. I actually cheered as that irate, tireless minority of Spartans fought and won against thousands. Ron Paul Patriots could learn a few things from this movie!

"Shenandoah" with Jimmy Stewart as Charlie Anderson, a Virginian farmer and family man who won't support the Confederacy because he's opposed to slavery and won't support the Union because he's opposed to war.....until something unthinkable happens. This is a libertarian movie if there ever was one. Jimmy Stewart is supported by a great cast and gives an award winning performance!
(BTW, this is my favorite movie of all time....)

"Imagining Argentina" throws the power of NDAA and EEA right in your face. People there just "disappear." It was a hard one for me to watch, but I see it coming to a street near all of us unless we really get serious about our liberty and prevail.

And, of course, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" with J. Stewart. What's not to love about the tale of this inexperienced, incorruptible people's servant? Watch this one with some oldsters - they already love J. Stewart and you can enlighten them about honest Dr. Paul!!

Grambo2, Anchorage AK
"Freedom is never free!"

Just for fun and to remember the

things worth believing in, "Secondhand Lions", with Robert Duval, Michael Caine & Haley Joel Osment. Great message about believing in something of value, like "good always triumphs over evil", presented in a hilarious way. I highly recommend this film to DPers who need to be recharged or just assured.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

New music video inspired by Ron Paul

This music video was inspired by Ron Paul's appearance on the Jay Leno Show.
The song and video were created and produced by Diane Marie and Randy Lane.
Here's the youtube link...


what the bleep?! down the rabbit hole

quantum physics, quantum theory...string theory.

This movie will definitely open your mind to the world around you. A new way of looking at things.

who knows, maybe it can even help us in our quest for Liberty because surely we are collectively falling down a rabbit hole where we don't want to be.


As soon as I saw Samuel Goldwyn Mayer flash on the screen

I got suspicious. But I realize that major studios sometimes buy up truthful productions just to bury them, knowing that they will find their way out to limited "fringe" audiences like ours without causing much damage to their positions.

Only problem is, we're not a "fringe" movement. Did you see how fast we whipped up $20k when it was needed? People see a lot of value in this site, and rightly so.

No, I think this "slipped out" with the hopes that it would go viral. What gave it away for me was when the "Law" was tossed aside along with Christianity. One need have no opinion on religion one way or another to see the intention there.

These people are truly lawless, and they want things to stay that way. They use the "law" to their advantage by regulating the little guys out of the game.

I can't watch any more of it.

what are you talking about?

do you know what string theory is?

it's physics man...nothing political about it.

I said nothing about string theory

But I am highly suspicious of any movie that throws law out the window along with religion, as if you can't have one without the other - especially given who produced it.

Point me toward another movie that discusses string theory in a different context and I'll gladly watch it.

I believe the point they were making

was aimed more at organized religion.

who is to say which one trumps the other.

Come Together. Right Now!

Freedom brings people together ...


Go Ron Paul!!!


Here's something fun and short

...and a must see. Western Spaghetti:


Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

"Guns and Weed," it is a

"Guns and Weed," it is a great documentary. You can find it on youtube, but I believe that on the movie website they have a torrent to download the movie -not sure if it works or not though.

SteveO24's picture

Dr. Burzynski movie

About an MD curing cancer and being persecuted by the FDA. True story.



Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods