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I need help building a website, I am running for congress in New Yorks 24th district

I announced my candidacy in a speech today and I have a
free website. www.loganbell2010.ning.com but I need to step it up as more interest is brewing. I am a National Guard soldier and a Peace Candidate, can anyone help... I can pay as fund start to come in, Thanks.

Biography of Logan Bell

Logan Bell is a soldier, father and a political activist. Logan was born and raised in Oakwood TX, a small ranching community in East Texas. Beginning at the age of 13 , every summer Logan worked as a labour then a crew leader and form carpenter for the family business , building waste water treatment plants across the state. Soon after graduating High School, Logan joined the United States Marine Corps in 2003 serving as logistics specialist at Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Va for three years . Logan was meritously promoted to the rank of corporal before being honorably discharged . After the Marines Logan returned to Texas in 2007and formed Bell Real Estate Group Inc., a real estate investment company focused on purchasing and renting foreclosed homes. After the real estate bubble burst, Logan returned to the family business, B-5 construction as a project manager. In August of 2008 Logan left his secure job at B-5 to live closer to his daughter Shianne Rose Bell who resides in Cortland N. Y. Logan returned to military service after joining the New York National Guard in December of the same year. Logan is a now a Sergeant attached to Ithaca’s Delta Co in the 2/108th Infantry which is scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan in late 2011. Logan is currently operating Becompany, a small construction and art design company in Trumansburg N. Y.; Logan is the founder of Armyofthepeople.com and a student of Austrian economics and libertarian political theory, as a young man Logan’s working class experiences have shaped his character and unique perspective. This is the type leadership we need in Washington. It is not based on privilege or position but one based on grassroots support and hard work. Let’s help make Logan Bell the youngest congressman in U. S. history and send a message to the political establishment, that there is a new generation of activists . A generation tired of watching our future be undone by fighting endless wars, bailouts for wall street and unemployment lines for main street. Join us in a new revolution for America . A second revolution of ideas and education. With these new ideas, based on sound Constitutional Principals, Logan Bell will take on the status quo and will fight the good fight for all of us.

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According to wikipedia, it skips out on Tompkins County

which is where Ithaca is.


Does the 24th district in NY include Ithaca? What other towns are included in this district? I know Trumansburg is right in that general area in upstate NY and I'm there a few times a year. I'd love to volunteer my support if needed. Godspeed!

you need a team to go door to

you need a team to go door to door and get email addresses and cell phone and land numbers. you also need to be very well versed in money by watching the money masters movie http://tinyurl.com/yl68p5o also here on the daily paul.

if people aren't home then leave something at their door to go to your website. you have to go door to door to win.

Good luck with your run!

There is a member here on this site that goes by chadillac .He has very reasonable rates Im sure he could help.

Thank you for your service

and thank you for your pursuit of trying to serve once again, this time in the political arena. I am no expert, but if you do a yahoo search for free website design, you should pull up some websites that will be pretty easy to use to create your own website. I hope my comment bumps your thread enough for you to get some better help then you did from this comment. Good luck!!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!