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ANOTHER Buried Christmas Day Arrest Uncovered!

On the day of the Flight 253 incident, reporter Michael Rosenfield of WXYZ in Detroit appeared live on CNN during the evening news and reported that, earlier that day, another passenger was arrested on a different flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Same route, same airline, same day. This report appears to have been corroborated by a woman who was apparently a passenger on that flight; an interview which was even played at least once on CNN on December 25. However, the media subsequently blended this separate incident with the widely-reported “failed bombing” incident. Hence, the many media reports of Mutallab “screaming about Afghanistan” despite the fact that the witnesses actually describe him as being amazingly calm and totally silent. The End Run deconstructs this apparent, suspicious, and convenient misreporting.

Read the full article here:

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ABC News: Feds Quietly Attempting to ID Mutallab’s Handler

ABC News: Feds Quietly Attempting to ID Mutallab's Handler, Whose Existence They've Refused To Acknowledge For Past Month

January 27, 2009

Buried at the very end of a two page article published on ABC News on January 22, 2010, is this quote:

Federal agents also tell ABCNews.com they are attempting to identify a man who passengers said helped Abdulmutallab change planes for Detroit when he landed in Amsterdam from Lagos, Nigeria.

Authorities had initially discounted the passenger accounts, but the agents say there is a growing belief the man have played a role to make sure Abdulmutallab "did not get cold feet."

In the comments section of the article, the following comment appears, which was ostensibly written by Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell:

This is Kurt H-Flight 253 PassengerI find it really interesting that this article supports my story that the media has discredited for weeks. Specifically, I am referring to my account that an Indian Man (Sharp Dressed Man) helped Mutallab on Flight 253. The official version since early January has been that over 200 hours of security video have been reviewed and show nothing. This media account has been very irritating to me as I know what I saw and yet I was immediately discredited. We now have a retraction from the official story. Too bad abc chose to bury this story in a somewhat unrelated story. It should be front page news [...] 'How about an apology ABC?

Article continues here:

Heh, good for him for the scold and wanting an apology.

Also, I think the media needs to answer for not pressing for release of the video.

As Haskell writes:

"The other significance is that only the airport security video can verify my eyewitness account and that it is not being released.

Who has the agenda here and who doesn’t? Think about that for a minute."

Thanks for the update.

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important info

I think the NWO thinks that

I think the NWO thinks that even if we left the middle east, they'd still come after us.

So, by NWO logic, the NWO might as well use (or manufacture) 9/11 to escalate the 'passivization' of the Islamic culture...as they have done to the Christian, Judeo, etc. cultures.

Frankly, I think many people who supported the invasion of Iraq sort of feel this way too...thus they were pretty easy to get them to support it.

The pre-eminient strike was more against another Ottoman Empire wave than Iraq. That is why the US is so willing to waltz around Afghan, Syria, Yemen, etc. Common rules of engagemet, Geneva conventions, etc. are out of the window.

What am I missing here

Why are they keeping this silent...I'm not getting it

We can only speculate about that at this point

Maybe the whole "unruly passenger" thing was a setup to begin with, i.e. that guy was an asset who did his job and was quietly let go. It's awful convenient: The same afternoon of the Mutallab thing there "just so happens" to be a guy on another plane making a scene and yelling about Afghanistan, and then the media "just so happens" to bury that story while they also "just so happen" to take an interview from a passenger on that plane (who "just so happens" to be the only "passenger" whose name is not given) and pretend that she's talking about Mutallab, which "just so happens" to paint the maddog terrorist picture they're pushing for despite evidence to the contrary.

Let's e-mail this...

to some of the bigger alternative media sites and try to get them to post it.

It's already on the front page of BlackListed News, but let's try to get Infowars, Prison Planet, and Rense.

Here's their e-mail addresses. Just remove the spaces and replace AT with @. (Didn't want them to get a bunch of spam)

writers AT infowars.com
webmaster AT rense.com
prisonplanetweb AT hotmail.com

Thanks for posting


So let me see if I get this

So let me see if I get this strait, and as I remember from hearing about it in early witness interviews.
A second man was arrested who was on the same flight, and they are to this day covering it up and refusing to release his name and details. They are also refusing to release the Amsterdam airport terminal video of the bomber being escorted onto the plane by a well dressed Indian looking man, and also refusing to release the name of the sharp dressed man, whose name you know the FBI knows by now. Did I get that right?

I have another question, Was the bomber tested for pain killers or other drugs in his system? You know those burns must have really hurt. Drugs could have been used in order to persuade the patsy to do what he did.

We'll never be able to know for sure

whether or not he had drugs in his system because he has been in the government's custody since the incident occurred, and we certainly can't rely on them to tell us the truth of the matter.

If I were to speculate I'd say there's probably a good chance he was drugged. That would explain why he was described as "in a trance", "out of it", and "staring into nothing" as he was burning himself, being subdued, dragged to the front of the plane, etc.

As quoted in this article Daniel Huisinga (passenger said):

"…that’s one of the strangest things about this experience is he was burned very badly, he was in a situation where he was being put in a headlock, dragged into the aisle, handcuffed, but he wasn’t screaming, he wasn’t yelling, he wasn’t really struggling. And, the — the scariest part of the whole experience was looking into the eyes of the person who at that time I thought had just sealed my death warrant and seeing no emotion, not even anger, no fear, just a blank stare, blank expression..."


Could he mabey have been hypnotized,or some form of mind control. I dont think any kind of drug could keep him from screaming from the pain,short of putting him to sleep. Hell if I know its all a huge puzzle to me.

This should go on the front page.

As if we needed anymore proof that the mainstream media is just a propaganda machine.


This is so blatant

Worth sending to our reps

when the hysteria begins about renewing the infamous Patriot Act and when they "investigate" this incident and then blame Congress for not enacting recommendations from the 9/11 Commission.

Phil. 4:13

Don't send it to Rep. Peter King though

He is the Patriot Act loving neocon who was all over the news putting out the "linked to Al Qaeda" line within hours of the non-attack

weird; I can't get it to add up--

I'm tired of disinformation from the media (or attempted disinformation)--

thank you for posting alternate sources--

what on earth are *they* trying to accomplish?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Very interesting.... I remember thinking at the time

that some of the headlines didn't "jibe". One would say that there was a guy that set fire to the plane..... and in the next article it would talk about "just a passenger who had too much to drink" or "wasn't well".

Does it seem like the bad guys are screwing up more and more lately? First the dud swine flu and absolute failure to garner public support..... then the Fort Hood fiasco with many, many conflicting witnesses (which, as you will notice, has been put down the memory hole now)... and now this messed up story. I know that there are some who will believe ANYTHING that is "Anti-Alqueda" but for the most part I think people are getting more sceptical.... and the bad guys more clumsy.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Thanks, for posting this

very important info.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Great find.

After reading all of that, is there any way one could seriously think it was an accident that the Rosenfield report about the the man on the other Amsterdam/Detroit flight screaming about Afghanistan went down the memory hole, or that it was an accident that the unidentified woman's account of that man was manipulated and blended with the Mutallab story?

The writer of the story seems to have an awakened take on things.


"The introduction to this article makes reference to how all of this was “convenient misreporting”. It was convenient because more and more information is coming out that makes this event look like a set up, and Mutallab a patsy/dupe manipulated by U.S. intelligence assets and other interested parties to play a role in this “failed bombing”, which will now serve as a pretext for further military action and probably an invasion of Yemen, virtual-strip-search body scanners at airports, renewal of the Patriot Act, and much, much more.

If you think this is a “conspiracy theory”, and that our wise and benevolent leaders would never consider doing such a thing (guess again), let alone actually go through with it, you had better read some real history. False flag terrorism is nothing new. In fact, if this was an actual (failed) surprise attack, it would be an exception to the rule."

Something about his demeanor

has made a witness uncomfortable. That guy who actually pulled the bomb away described that whole incident just fine - an experience you'd expect someone to have some PTSD over. When the CNN reporter wanted to know more about the guy's demeanor, which he'd already described and completely quiet and passive, he stiffened and said he didn't want to discuss it.

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This is really important stuff

Now that was a public service

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when does it


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soon very soon I hope

perhaps when American GDP goes the way of Zimbabwe people will wake up to the whole dirty game on us.

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do you really want to know

the answer

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Very interesting article.

another case of curious and curiouser. Things are not always as they seem, but somehow are reported to achieve the planned outcome.

I don't think you need to be curious for too long

before it becomes obvious what's going on