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Protest Trey Grayson on January 14th!

They did it to Rand.

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It will just be paid supporters,

if any one shows up, maybe the pancake cameraman.

Dress up as Clinton delegates?

Mike Bryant offered to pay for Rand Paul's filing so long as he registered for his supposed real part the Libertarians.

How about people dress up as Clinton delegates to the DNC presidential election? People could offer to pay for Grayson's registration provided he signs up for his real party and as a Clinton Democrat to run in the Dem primary.


We should use our energy in a positive way, Ron would be proud. :)

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Be careful about Trey Grayson Jan. 14 event

As a Rand Paul Republican in Kentucky please do not say or do anything that will put Dr. Rand Paul in a bad light. Remember Dr. Paul is the front runner now and we need to focus on gotv efforts, canvassing and fundraising not heckling Trey Grayson. If we win the primary race on May 18th we are favored to win the general election. Stay postitve, focus on liberty minded solutions to today's problems. We need to raise another 2 million for the primary and another 8 million for the general election race.

I support his right to file

The 4 guys protesting Rand's filing came off as jerks.

Defend Liberty!