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Rachel Maddow/Ron Paul interview on front page of Huffington Post!

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Rand Paul 2016

The Obama supporters really

The Obama supporters really wanted what us Ron Paul supporters wanted. They are just realizing it now.

The left is still engaged in self-delusion....

Someone really needs to educate the left on free market, and what free market actually is because their assumptions are way way off.

And we need their support to produce "change you can believe in" ...


Yes, free market does not regulate businesses the same way because it allows states to decide who and what they support. A monopoly can never form in a free market.

With TRUE free markets coming from the constitutionalist ideology, banks are always set to fail by the very foolish methods they instigate. They can never be bailed out as they are not too big to fail --- End of story.

Thus, under a true free market we would NOT be limited to "legal tender law" & bad businesses would be thrown out of business rather than get further entrenched - like the "left wing" has been erroneously CONDITIONED to believe.

Please note you people on the left, or anyone posting there, that free market IS NOT the liquidator...it is the equalizer by putting all companies on a more even playing field, with the big bad corporations unable to stifle competition & with enforcement via stiff penalties for those that do. It entails having every industry able to stand on their own two feet, without wasted regulations, specifically when it comes to freedom of currency.

Specifically, it allows you to stop the financial market "too big to fail" train that will save the country. And it in turn would mean arrests and war crimes prosecutions on every last banker...something I thought AMERICA wants.